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Studies in Eastern European Cinema

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Screening Social and Economic Transformations in East-Central Europe: Film and Television as Writers and Rewriters of post-1989 History

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31 January 2024

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31 March 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Constantin Parvulescu, Babes-Bolyai University
[email protected]

Bogdan Popa, Transilvania University Brasov
[email protected]

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Screening Social and Economic Transformations in East-Central Europe: Film and Television as Writers and Rewriters of post-1989 History

Cinema and television provide enlightening historical testimonies and complex, relevant, and original perspectives on the development of capitalist economies and societies in Eastern Europe. They can also challenge dominant modes of understanding economic and social and phenomena proposed by history and the social sciences. Contributors are invited to analyze post-1989 popular and quality film and television: features, series, reality shows, documentaries, that is content with relevant social and economic testimonies, as well as their distribution, marketing, and reception. They can be audiovisual texts with an explicit historical ambition or with an interest in delivering a social commentary on their present, a commentary that has gained historical value with the passage of time.

The editors expect articles that, in relation to films and television, critically explore one or more of the following topics:

  • original historical contributions, choice of topics, and specific modes of representation
  • the historical testimony of stylistic choices
  • budgets, financing, theatre and platform distribution, marketing, and national and international reception of historical film from the region
  • capacity to challenge the metanarratives circulated by more established modes of representing the past
  • specific genre conventions, subgenres and genre hybrids (docudramas, tragicomedies, slowburn thrillers)
  • contribution to European heritage including issues of peripheral perspectives and self-orientalization
  • connections between social history and representations of gender and sexuality
  • the influence of commissioning, coproduction, and adaptation for the screen on the poetics of these texts
  • the implication of public institutions in their value chain
  • the role of awards and festivals in establishing heritage and historicity
  • filmmakers and producers’ assumed role of historians and their participation in public dialogue
  • specific methods of approaching these texts adapted to small cinemas, minor modes of representation, microhistory, second cinema, etc.
  • the exploitation of these texts in secondary and tertiary education, as well as by public institutions.

The editors expect contributions from scholars with expertise in film and television studies, cultural studies, history, and the social sciences.

Submit queries and articles to both Constantin Parvulescu [email protected] and Bogdan Popa [email protected]

We look forward to reading your work!

Submission Instructions

Length of articles: 6–8000 words, including references

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