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The Service Industries Journal

For a Special Issue on
Systematic Literature Reviews

Manuscript deadline
30 September 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Weng Marc Lim, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Malaysia
[email protected]

Satish Kumar, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India
[email protected]

Anders Gustafsson, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
[email protected]

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Systematic Literature Reviews

About the Special Issue

Established in 1981, The Service Industries Journal has been a leading contributor of knowledge about service sectors, service firms, and service management. The journal has a history of publishing service research using a wide variety of research methods such as archival, case study, experiment, qualitative, survey, and multiple methods (Viglia, Kumar, Pandey, & Joshi, 2022).

Recently, Lim, Kumar, and Ali (2022) highlighted that service research is growing exponentially, yet systematic literature reviews in mainstream service journals (Journal of Service Management, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Journal of Services Marketing, and The Service Industries Journal) remain scarce, and thus, they encouraged service scholars to consider pursuing systematic literature reviews as independent studies to

  • present an overview (e.g., performance evaluation, integrated mapping of knowledge, major research streams). Do make sure that the selected area is focused enough for it to make a meaningful contribution.
  • chart the progress (i.e., identify noteworthy gaps—e.g., conflicting and inconclusive findings, emerging and underexplored areas), and
  • propose ways forward (i.e., suggest opportunities and solutions—e.g., theoretical, contextual, methodology) for a specific area or aspect of the service industry. Please note that this part is just as important as the others; make sure that this is well developed.

Recognizing the need and value for independent review studies, The Service Industries Journal calls for submissions to the journal’s Inaugural Special Issue on Systematic Literature Reviews. Service scholars interested to submit manuscripts to the special issue should

  • articulate the necessity, importance, relevance, urgency, and contribution of the review (and please consider the contributions and limitations of prior reviews, if any, in making sure that the contribution of the current review is unique).
  • adopt an established process, procedure, or protocol to review the literature (e.g., PRISMA, SPAR-4-SLR),
  • clearly explain the method for reviewing the literature (e.g., bibliometric analysis, content analysis, or thematic analysis, including the use of guiding frameworks, if any), and
  • deliver the three main contributions of systematic literature reviews (i.e., present an overview, chart the progress, and propose ways forward for the field).

Further information about review methods can be found in Lim, Kumar, and Ali (2022).

For bibliometric methods, more information about (i) the guidelines on how to conduct a bibliometric analysis using a range of analytical techniques can be found in Donthu, Kumar, Mukherjee, Pandey, and Lim (2021) and (ii) the guidelines on how to develop and demonstrate contributions from bibliometric findings can be found in Mukherjee, Lim, Kumar, and Donthu (2022).

To gain an understanding of systematic literature reviews (e.g., coverage expectation, final product), service scholars are encouraged to read prior reviews of service research, such as:

  • Customer and employee engagement in service (Chandni & Rahman, 2020)
  • Customer citizenship in service (Gong & Yi, 2021)
  • Customer experience in service (Bueno, Weber, Bomfim, & Kato, 2019)
  • Frontline service employee (Subramony, Groth, Hu, & Wu, 2021)
  • Service innovation (Witell, Snyder, Gustafsson, Fombelle, & Kristensson, 2016)

To stimulate inspiring ideas on the exciting areas or aspects of the service industry that could be reviewed, service scholars are encouraged to read prior reviews of mainstream service journals:

  • General service research (Furrer, Yu Kerguignas, Delcourt, & Gremler 2020)
  • Journal of Service Research (Donthu, Gremler, Kumar, & Pattnaik, 2022)
  • Journal of Service Theory and Practice (Donthu, Kumar, Ranaweera, Sigala, & Sureka, 2021)
  • Journal of Services Marketing (Donthu, Kumar, Ranaweera, Pattnaik, & Gustafsson, 2022)
  • The Service Industries Journal (Viglia, Kumar, Pandey, & Joshi, 2022)

Submission Instructions

Submission instructions and deadline

 All manuscripts should adhere to the journal’s author guidelines: https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?show=instructions&journalCode=fsij20

Enquiries about the special issue can be sent directly to Guest Editors Weng Marc Lim ([email protected]), Satish Kumar ([email protected]), and Anders Gustafsson ([email protected]).

The deadline for submitting manuscripts for this Special Issue is September 30, 2022.

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