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Healthy Ageing and the Service Industries

Abstract deadline
31 July 2023

Manuscript deadline
31 October 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Metin Kozak, Kadir Has University
[email protected]

Xuan (Lorna) Wang, University of Surrey
[email protected]

Jun Wen, Edith Cowan University
[email protected]

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Healthy Ageing and the Service Industries

Guest Editors:


Professor Metin Kozak ([email protected]), Kadir Has University, Turkey

Dr. Xuan Lorna Wang ([email protected]), University of Surrey, UK

Dr. Jun Wen ([email protected]), Edith Cowan University, Australia



Professor Levent Altinay ([email protected]), Oxford Brookes University, UK


Deadline for abstracts: 31st July, 2023     

Deadline for full paper submissions: 30th October, 2023   

Special issue publication: Spring 2024 


Aging is a global issue with economic and sociocultural implications (Windle et al., 2014). Staying healthy in later life is crucial for all. A lack of care can bring drastic consequences for the elderly: compromised physical and mental health; increased stress and mortality; poor sleep; and high usage of healthcare and social services (Ayis et al., 2003; Lauder et al., 2006). Concerns about well-being, health, finances, and the wider community have inspired a national and international policy consensus—experts agree that support must be provided to minimize social isolation while protecting elderly people’s health.


Support services often offer benefits such as socialization, entertainment, recreation, and quality leisure time (Altinay et al., 2019). These advantages contribute to recipients’ quality of life and well-being (Sirgy, 2019). Such services have nonetheless been criticized for partly neglecting vulnerable groups’ well-being and healthy living (Gallan et al., 2021). This omission is notable given growing public and academic debate (e.g., in healthcare, retail, and tourism and hospitality) regarding the well-being of both the general public (Feng et al., 2019; Huang et al., 2019) and vulnerable groups (Feng et al., 2023; Song et al., 2018).


This special issue aims to contribute to the expanding line of healthy ageing research by soliciting conceptual and empirical studies from the service industries.  It welcomes interdisciplinary studies that could lead to improving the well-being and quality-of-life of the global population ageing.  By publishing a series of articles that are build on the current knowledge and best practices surrounding the theme of healthy ageing services, this special issue will also provide knowledge exchange opportunities between policy makers, service providers and academics.


We welcome submissions from a wide range of disciplines that are related to one of the following topics (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Healthcare services and healthy aging
  • Tourism and hospitality services and healthy aging
  • Leisure and recreation services and healthy aging
  • Public and community support services and healthy aging
  • Service innovation and creativity for older people
  • Social media and healthy aging
  • Dietary and nutrition services and healthy aging
  • Technology-based services and healthy aging
  • Psychological support and healthy aging
  • Methodologies addressing the well-being of older people.

Submission Instructions

Interested researchers are invited to email a 300-word abstract by 31st July, 2023, to one of the guest editors.


Full papers must be submitted by September 20, 2023, for standard peer review.

Complete author guidelines are available at


This special issue is scheduled to be published in Spring 2024.

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