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Manuscript deadline
31 December 2020

Cover image - European Security

European Security

Special Issue Editor(s)

Brij B. Gupta, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India
[email protected]

Dharma P. Agrawal, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA
[email protected]

Zhiyong ZHANG, Henan University of Science & Technology, China
[email protected]

Michael Sheng, Macquarie University, Australia
[email protected]

Arcangelo Castiglione, University of Salerno, Fisciano, Salerno, Italy
[email protected]

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Security and Privacy in Semantic Networks for On-Line Communities

Web-based communities rely on social commitment and mutual loyalty. The Semantic Web is an extension of the World Wide Web through standards by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This special issue will focus on using the semantic web for privacy and security in on-line communities. Semantic web technologies are being applied to overcome the limitations of the standard data models. These technologies enable more flexible ways to interlink data from various scales and domains to facilitate the interoperability among data, tools, systems, and actors that intervene in the creation and use of the built environment. Again, the Semantic web is being used more and more for the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability. Similarly, on-line social networks (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are a captivating social fact in its own right. However, they also provide researchers with a new research direction to study human interaction at a unique large scale. However, the security and privacy of semantic web-based social networks are challenging to achieve, as technology is changing at rapid speed, and our systems turn into ever more complex. The most important thing to consider in these contexts is that the focus of security cannot be on strictly technological aspects, which, although important, are secondary if compared to the behavioral factors of users. These problems are even more magnified by the extreme dynamism of these contexts, in which the relationships between individuals and groups of individuals can lead to totally unpredictable scenarios.

This special issue aims to seek novel contributions that lead to future security and privacy improvements in semantic networks for online communities. Contributions may introduce and solve open technical problems, integrate novel solutions efficiently, and focus on the performance evaluation and comparison with existing standards. Furthermore, given the multidisciplinary of this topic, the submission of multidisciplinary safety approaches is strongly recommended. Such approaches can not only take into account methodological and technological aspects but also of human factors.

Topics to be discussed in this special issue include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Security and privacy of multimedia data in Social networking
  • Security and privacy of multimedia data in Semantic Web
  • Security and privacy management of multimedia data in Cloud Computing
  • Security and privacy issues in E-governance/democracy/citizenship/communities
  • Privacy and Security of Building Data
  • Security and privacy of multimedia data in social media
  • User-generated content, sharing, viral marketing
  • Clustering analysis for trust evaluation of on-line communities
  • Machine learning, data mining and fusion related to security and privacy in semantic networks
  • Adversary learning in on-line communities
  • Datasets and benchmarks for security and privacy evaluation in on-line communities
  • Big data-enabling social networks on Clouds
  • Security and privacy of multimedia Big Data in Web service
  • Evolutionary algorithms for mining social networks for decision support
  • Impact on learning, working, gaming, marketing, service industry

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