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Manuscript deadline
31 May 2021

Cover image - Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective

Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective

Special Issue Editor(s)

Prof. Dr. Vijayakumar Varadarajan, School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Australia
[email protected]

Prof., Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish, President, IFSA, Spain
[email protected]

Dr. Madan Kumar Srinivasan, Associate Vice President & Lead, Cloud Analysis & Patent, Accenture, India
[email protected]

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Security Challenges in AI Applications in IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly transforming the internet, from communication media to platforms connecting IT appliances e.g. assorted IT devices and sensors. Many of these inexpensive devices can be constrained in terms of energy, bandwidth and memory. IoT ecosystems in various domains brings huge benefits to human users and companies alike. Example of such domains include Smart Homes, Smart Cities, the Industrial Internet and even Intelligent Transportation Systems.


Recent Advancements in technology are helping to realize the vision of IoT. AI is one of the crucial enablers in making IoT intelligent. AI has shown improvements in other areas like multimedia, speech recognition, and computer networks etc. However, recently researchers and practitioners have started applying the AI techniques/algorithms on widespread problems of IoT to make it intelligent without human intervention. For example, AI can be applied on IoT devices to enable them in proactively identifying devastating DDOS attacks aimed on such devices. Therefore, ensuring the security of such IoT ecosystems using AI– before, during, and after an attack takes place – is a crucial issue for our society at this moment.


This special issue aims to explore research on security challenges in AI applications in IoT and related areas. Other areas that add value and insight to this topic are also welcome.

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