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2024 IUFRO World Congress Article Collection

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23 June 2024

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Igor Drobyshev, Editor-In-Chief of Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
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2024 IUFRO World Congress Article Collection

As a part of the effort to support IUFRO World Congress 2024, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research will run a number of thematic Special Features associated with this event. Below is the list of sessions that plan to produce their own paper collections (special features). Please contact session organizers, would you be interested in contributing to one of these initiatives.

The 2024 IUFRO World Congress will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of forest research worldwide and SJFR envisions representing these developments in a number of Special Feature issues aimed at capturing diversity of research to be presented during this event.

We welcome topics related to all aspects of the journals scope including:

  • Silviculture
  • Bioenergy
  • Ecology and soil science
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Remote Sensing
  • Pathology
  • Entomology
  • Forest management, operations and resource assessment
  • Wood science and technology

Special Features

IUFRO Session T1.31: Silviculture of boreal forests in the face of climate change

Climate change is expected to modify the patterns of species distribution, natural disturbance regimes, and forest ecosystem structure and functioning in boreal forests throughout the world. These global changes can affect forest health and ecosystem services and compound the effects of anthropogenic disturbances such as logging. In some cases, large-scale application of even-aged systems may alter a forest’s structure, and consequently, its resilience to stress and biodiversity. Diversifying management practices and silvicultural systems at various scales through disturbance-based management or continuous cover forestry could be part of the solution. Adopting mixed-species silviculture in boreal forests could also help to improve boreal forest resistance and resilience to stressors. Nevertheless, many questions remain regarding boreal forest management in the context of global change, particularly regarding ways to conciliate multiple—and sometimes contradictory—objectives such as wood production, wildlife habitat management, biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration. To face this uncertainty, forest owners and managers need more guidance and tools to support their decisions. This session aims to present the state of the art in boreal forest management and silviculture in the face of climate change.

Session coordinators
Patricia Raymond (1) , Erika Olofsson (2), Saija Huuskonen (3), Ignacio Barbeito (4), Miguel Girona Montoro (5)

1 Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec
2 Linnaeus University
3 Natural Resources Institute Finland
4 University of British Columbia
5 Groupe de Recherche en Écologie de la MRC Abitibi-(GREMA)

Contact - [email protected]

Submission Instructions

SJFR invites session coordinators to contact SJFR if would they be interested in working together with the journal towards a specific thematic collection (a thematic special feature).

Coordinators engaging in this work would then assume that the session has a potential to generate at least five submissions from the pool of its oral and poster presentations. SJFR looks forward discussing specific modalities of this pipeline with interested session coordinators.

Submission deadlines are to be decided upon towards the end of 2023. Submission process will be broadly similar to the one for regular manuscripts. All submissions will undergo the standard review process. Specific instructions concerning manuscripts with connection to IUFRO Congress will be announced in early 2024. SJFR will aim at timely publication of accepted manuscripts.


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