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Peace Review

For a Special Issue on

Russo-Ukrainian War/Russian aggression against Ukraine

Manuscript deadline
15 October 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Maureen P. Flaherty, University of Manitoba
[email protected]

Katarzyna A. Przybyła, Collegium Civitas
[email protected]

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Russo-Ukrainian War/Russian aggression against Ukraine

Under the guest editorship of Maureen P. Flaherty, Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada, and Katarzyna A. Przybyła, Head of Strategic Peace and Conflict Studies at Collegium Civitas, Poland, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 36(1) invites papers for a special issue on the Russo-Ukrainian War / Russian aggression against Ukraine.

We welcome submissions that explore different aspects of the war, including its root causes and implications, as well as peacebuilding and conflict transformation strategies. Ideal papers would cover both theory and practice. However, we also welcome creative works that explore such questions as: What has been done to end the war? What are the prospects for the Central and Eastern Europe region? We are not just interested in the policy perspective, and we are looking for the middle(expert)-level and the grassroots-level perspectives. While we imagine the bulk of submissions will come from scholars and scholar-practitioners in Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, International and Security Studies, and Eastern European Studies, we also encourage activist-, business-, and community-level explorations of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

General themes that contributors can address in their submissions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Causes of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict
  • Political, economic, socio-cultural, and psychological implications of the war
  • War and environment
  • Nonviolent resistance
  • Human rights violations and protections
  • Local and international peacebuilding and conflict transformation actions and strategies
  • Trauma-healing practices
  • Refugees and displaced people: Challenges, policies, and grassroots-level initiatives
  • The role of international organizations in addressing the conflict
  • Countries’ policies, support, and actions regarding the conflict
  • Russian-Ukrainian negotiations
  • The prospect of reconciliation and transitional justice
  • Peace education

Submission Instructions

Authors who wish to be considered for inclusion in this special edition should upload their contributions to the Peace Review Journal website no later than October 15, 2023.

Peace Review accepts the following types of articles: Essay/Research paper, Review, Interview, Collection, Oration.

Articles should be submitted via the journal online portal and utilize the Taylor & Francis Citation style and Journal WORD Template:

  • Essays/Research papers: 2500–3500 words, excluding references;
  • Reviews: 3000-3500 words, excluding references;
  • Interviews: 1200-1500 words, including context;
  • Artistic collections: 1800-2000 words + 3-5 photos or images, excluding references;
  • Oration: 3–5-minute audio file + transcription, accompanied by a written introduction/analysis of 800-1000 words.

Content Questions
Expression of interest and questions to the guest editors are welcome and may increase the chance of publication. Please direct content-based questions or concerns to the guest editors:

Maureen P. Flaherty: [email protected]

Katarzyna A. Przybyła: [email protected]

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