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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

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Rumination, Cognitive Performance, and Depressive Symptoms

Abstract deadline
22 April 2024

Manuscript deadline
22 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Scott A Langenecker, The Ohio State University
[email protected]

Sara L Weisenbach, McLean Hospital
[email protected]

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Rumination, Cognitive Performance, and Depressive Symptoms

This Special Issue aims to explore the complex interplay between rumination, cognitive performance, and depressive symptoms. In this issue we will include the latest original and exploratory empirical research from diverse perspectives to deepen our understanding of how rumination (or habitual, negative, perseverative thought processes) relates to depressive symptoms, and how both, in turn and in combination affect cognitive performance and daily functioning. We welcome manuscripts that address the following topics, including, but not limited to:

(1) the impact of rumination on cognitive performance;

(2) the effect of rumination on daily functioning;

(3) the consequences of current depression symptom range on cognition, if potentially moderated or mediated by rumination;

(4) links of trauma experiences to the emergence or exacerbation of rumination, as they relate to cognitive performance, daily functioning, and/or depression symptomatology.

The Special Issue encompasses work across the lifespan and does not need to explicitly include individuals with major depressive disorder. Samples could consist of individuals with other DSM/neurological conditions that entail high variability in depressive symptoms, such that shared and specific effects of depressive symptoms and rumination could be meaningfully parsed. Studies must include at least one metric of rumination and/or habitual, negative perseverative thinking and at least one objective metric of cognitive functioning and/or daily functioning. Of special interest is providing a series of articles that inform a constructive dialogue on how the effects of rumination could be observed and better understood in the context of cognitive performance and life functioning, such that ensuing work could address ameliorative strategies and interventions. For this Special Issue, only original articles will be accepted.

Submission Instructions

While the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology does not issue word limits, the suggested word-count for this issue for standard original articles is 3500 words and 300-word abstract. We would like to also solicit brief reports for this issue, and the suggested word-count is 1500 words and 300-word abstract.

Select "Rumination, Cognitive Performance, and Depressive Symptoms" when submitting your abstract/paper to Scholar One.

Abstracts are due April 22, 2024. Invitations for full submissions will be sent in May, 2024. Invited papers will be due September 22, 2024.


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