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Innovation People, Teams and Culture

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19 December 2023

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Jim Euchner, RTM Editor-in-Chief
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Innovation People, Teams and Culture

Research-Technology Management welcomes articles that explore the people and teams engaged in innovation and shifts in innovation culture.

Companies are operating in a VUCA world—one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The world of work is very different compared to just five years ago. Remote work, which became a necessity because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now a reality, and requirement, by larger numbers of staff. And technology is advancing so quickly, it’s hard to keep pace. The Great Resignation has created a war for talent.

RTM is actively seeking papers on the following topics:

  • Unique approaches companies are using to attract and retain innovation talent (hiring and onboarding practices; balancing the needs of different employees, remote work policies, etc.)
  • Novel management strategies and training and development tactics companies are using with innovation staff
  • How companies are adapting or reshaping their innovation culture to fit the new work and business environment
  • Ways companies can ensure effective collaboration and engagement for innovation in a remote/hybrid environment
  • How companies can capture important institutional knowledge and transfer it to the next generation
  • The best strategies to deal with IP issues in an increasingly digital world
  • The ways companies can engage with R&D researchers at academic institutions and startups to complement internal talent and R&D

Papers and case studies should highlight specific, firsthand examples of how companies are adapting their workforce, their workplace culture, and their R&D and innovations processes. Submissions should include data on the practices, companies’ experience with them (positive and negative), adaptations to make them successful, and managerial lessons learned.

RTM articles are concise and practice oriented. Ideal submissions offer concrete examples and data to support theories about invention and innovation, the management of technology and capabilities to support innovation. Successful submissions will offer readers practical information they can put to work immediately.

We prefer submissions at around 4,000–4,500 words, although we will occasionally publish truly groundbreaking pieces as long as 5,000 words. Articles should be submitted via our Editorial Manager system at http://www.editorial For submission requirements and author’s guidelines, visit us at

For more information about this call or to join our email list to receive notification when calls for papers are released, please email RTM’s managing editor, Tammy McCausland, at [email protected].