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Repeated Trauma to the Head: Concepts, Controversies, and Outcomes

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01 August 2024

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Yana Suchy, University of Utah
[email protected]

Douglas Whiteside, University of Minnesota
[email protected]

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Repeated Trauma to the Head: Concepts, Controversies, and Outcomes

It has long been suspected that repeated traumas to the head (both concussive and sub-concussive) might cumulatively impact brain health. Indeed, terms like “punch drunk” and “dementia pugilistica” have been around for nearly a hundred years.  Recently, researchers have begun to identify specific pathophysiologic and psychosocial correlates of lasting consequences of repeated head traumas, with terms like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Repetitive Head Injury (RHI) gaining prominence. Although the exponential increase in the research into the repeated head traumas has increased our understanding of these injuries, this research has also spurred considerable controversy, confusion, and unchecked media frenzy. This special issue aims to provide a thoughtful and balanced overview of the scientific findings pertaining to underlying mechanisms and long-term outcomes following repeated traumas to the head.

We seek both empirical and review (meta-analyses and systematic reviews) articles examining affective, cognitive, and behavioral outcomes of repeated head traumas in a variety of populations, including athletes, military personnel, and victims of intimate partner violence, among others. Additionally, articles examining long-term and permanent brain changes, differential rates of dementia, or differential rates of psychiatric symptoms and diagnoses in these populations are also welcome. Articles may focus on specific subtypes of repeated head traumas and their sequelae, including CTE, RHI, multiple concussions, and traumatic encephalopathy symptoms (TES), as well as post-concussive symptoms (PCS), but the latter category should only be examined in the context of multiple concussions.

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