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Sport, Education and Society

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Sport, Education and Society: Reimagining Curriculum, Policy and Pedagogy in Health and Physical Education: Chinese Societies and Chinese Diasporas

Abstract deadline
31 January 2024

Manuscript deadline
15 August 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Bonnie Pang, University of Bath
[email protected]

Jan Wright, University of Wollongong
[email protected]

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Sport, Education and Society: Reimagining Curriculum, Policy and Pedagogy in Health and Physical Education: Chinese Societies and Chinese Diasporas

Sport, Education and Society (SES) is a leading international journal dedicated to the advance of sociological understandings of the relationships between embodiment, policy, pedagogy, equity, and identity. This special edition seeks to bring together voices from social science and educational research, concerned with curriculum, policy, and pedagogy in Health and Physical Education (HPE) in Chinese societies and in the Chinese diasporas.

Critical scholars have been at the forefront of advancing the study of HPE to address sociocultural perspectives and diversity and inclusion issues related to the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and ability. The field, however, is dominated by research that entails ways of embodied knowing and experiences in and about Europe, United Kingdom, North America, and Australia. This special issue encourages authors to turn the lens towards bridging empirical gaps and challenging theoretical absences in current scholarship in the context of Chinese societies and diasporas in HPE. This shift of academic landscape requires three distinct directions of scholarship that includes an extension of understandings in conceptual discourses and knowledge production, pedagogic, policy and curriculum approaches, and power relations and racial subjectivities of Chineseness and bodies in HPE.

The first aim of this special issue is to bring in conceptual discourses generated in Chinese contexts that opens up new spaces for theorising and critical thinking about HPE in languages beyond English. Such a shift reorientates thinking around Euro-American centric discourses in shaping western notions of bodily cultures predicated upon binary oppositions and scientific knowing. The second aim is to build and connect academic discussions on pedagogic, policy and curriculum approaches from Chinese HPE teachers local and abroad to elicit new experiences and fluid subjectivities and dialogues between the global and local and East and West. Chinese societies are often thought of as being homogenous without distinguishing their internal differences regarding localities (including China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong) and migration processes (such as Chinese diaspora communities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom). This special issue aims to actively enable scholarly work that focuses on specific Chinese-speaking cities, and overseas Chinese communities that can contribute to a (re)imagining of what constitutes HPE practices in the 21stcentury. The third aim calls for an exemplification of the diverse voices of Chinese teachers and students in everyday experiences in HPE. This area of work will raise consciousness of, and problematises, the power relations and the (re)production of racial subjectivities of Chineseness and bodies. This focus will provide a critical response to the contestable work of colonial legacies and cultural norming in HPE and highlight how Chinese students and teachers engage with the different orientations to movement and bodies, including its western and/or Chinese forms, negotiate their relationships to it and contribute to their (dis)engagement in HPE.

Submission Instructions

We will encourage submissions from individuals at all stages of careers, including doctoral students and early career researchers, as well as more established scholars from within and outside of HPE fields. This special issue will enable interdisciplinary and international dialogues that aim to extend the current field of knowledge in HPE.

SES invites authors to consider the following areas, fields and topics:

  • Theoretical contributions to exploring and redefining HPE from a Chinese perspective
  • Chinese approaches to pedagogy, policy and curriculum in HPE
  • Experiences of teaching and learning in HPE from Chinese teachers’ perspectives
  • Chinese students’ voices in HPE
  • Problematising Chineseness and bodies in HPE
  • Chinese diasporas and HPE in the 21st century

Submissions are in no way limited to the above points, but authors should refer to the above special edition statements when composing their articles.

All submissions should be relatively short papers - a maximum of x 7000 words including references.

All papers will be subject to blind review by a minimum of two referees. Neither acceptance nor place in the special edition is guaranteed. If necessary, the special edition will run over two SES issues.

The deadlines for submission are as follows.

Abstracts (approximately 300 words) submitted to the Guest Editors SES ([email protected]/ [email protected] ) by 31st January 2024

Feedback/confirmations by 29th February 2024

Full papers submitted for review by 15th August 2024.

Final papers submitted to Editors by 15th February, 2025

Final copy to Routledge 15th March 2025

Intended Publication Dates before July 2025

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