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Manuscript deadline
01 September 2021

Cover image - Global Bioethics

Global Bioethics

Special Issue Editor(s)

Cristina Richie, PhD, SSPS Fellow, The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh
[email protected]

Cheryl Macpherson, PhD, Professor, Department of Clinical Skills Head, Bioethics Division, St George’s University (SGU), St George’s, Grenada
[email protected]

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Redefining Global Bioethics

The journal Global Bioethics will announce its relaunch in 2021 with new joint editors, Cristina Richie and Cheryl Macpherson. This call for papers marks the simultaneous shift in aims, scope, and editorial vision as we begin by revisiting definitions of ‘global bioethics’.

The ‘global bioethics’ described by Van Rensselaer Potter in the 1960’s and 1970’s explored concerns about nuclear devastation and environmental carrying capacity of our planet. Overlooked by many in bioethics, Potter’s global bioethics has been interpreted, applied, and advanced by different authors. It is sometimes used informally in discussions of a given bioethics issue presumed to have global relevance, and sometimes raises questions resembling past questions about the existence of a common morality and the universality of bioethics.

Submissions to this call for papers will attempt to re-define global bioethics and deepen or broaden understandings of what ‘global bioethics’ is and does. They may help to distinguish global bioethics from biomedical ethics and sub-specialties such as public health ethics and research ethics; contextualize and distinguish between global and local relevance of its applications; and identify specific points of interconnectedness between individuals, populations, and non-human beings. Peer reviewed and commissioned submissions will provide the focus for the 2021 volume of Global Bioethics and it’s relaunch. As such, these contributions will inform the direction of the journal and highlight the significance of and roles for global bioethics today.

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Submission Instructions

Submissions will constitute original research of 3000-7000 words as described in the journal’s new Aims and Scope (see Types of Articles and Word Count). Submissions to this call will be reviewed when received and, if accepted, published open access online. Submissions are encouraged by 15th April 2021 and will be accepted until 1st September 2021. Authors and institutions in countries defined by the World Bank as low or middle income are eligible for 50% discount (https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/publishing-open-access/requesting-an-apc-waiver/ ).

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