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Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care

For a Special Issue on
Racism and its Challenges in Palliative Social Work

Manuscript deadline
15 October 2021

Cover image - Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care

Special Issue Editor(s)

Karen Bullock, North Carolina State University
[email protected]

Ellen L. Csikai, The University of Alabama
[email protected]

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Racism and its Challenges in Palliative Social Work

Palliative social workers have long attended to and recognized the importance of examining race as a factor influencing the quality of end-of-life care outcomes. The concept of racial disparities has received much recent focus of research efforts, however this does not adequately attend to,  nor encompass, the problem. For example, further attention is needed to define and address the root causes of those disparities: systemic racism. In order to do so, the racial disparities rampant within our health care systems that negatively affect the care that people of color with serious and life-limiting illness receive, a deeper understanding is needed of the role of systemic racism and how health and palliative social workers can advocate for change.

This special issue of the Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care seeks to feature works that begin to help us gain a clearer understanding of the problems caused by systemic racism and how to intervene toward solutions.

Manuscripts are invited for all sections of the journal.

Reflections: (4-5 pages in length max)

+Personal reflections on what you experienced in your practice.

+Experiences with systemic racism or challenging it in the workplace and reflections

+Reflection on case studies that were particularly challenging and thoughts on outcome

+Personal reflections regarding ethical problems faced

‘Practice Concepts and Innovations’ (10-12 pages max)

+Health care system changes in response to structural and/or systemic racism and how practice has been affected. How did these develop and how is or will it be evaluated?

+New professional partnerships that developed (and are developing).

+Ethical dilemmas demonstrated through brief case discussion, including case resolution.

+What new agency policies were implemented that were helpful and/or not helpful?

Research manuscripts: (20-25 pages, longer may be considered)

+Identifying challenges to culture shift away from structural and/or systemic racism in health and palliative care.

+Identifying ongoing ethical problems of concern

+What agency or governmental policies are recommended so that social workers can provide support to hospice and palliative care patients and families who may be concerned about racism within the organization.

In your work and as you develop your manuscripts, be mindful of the following statement espoused by multiple national palliative care and health organizations:

Racial and ethnic terms should not be used in noun form (e.g., Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, or Asians); the adjectival form is preferred (e.g., Black patients, White participants, Hispanic children, or Asian women). Also, names of racial and ethnic groups should be consistently capitalized. (e.g., Blacks, Whites, Black patients, White patients, etc.).

***Authors are strongly encouraged to contact the Journal Editor-in-Chief, Ellen L. Csikai ([email protected]) or issue co-editor, Karen Bullock [email protected], with a brief paragraph or outline of their proposed submission. We will provide feedback to authors about appropriateness and/or give suggestions about how to enhance their potential contribution.

Submission Instructions

Manuscript must be in APA style format.

International authors (other than native English speakers) should consider whether to employ a native English speaker to assist in editing.

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