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Manuscript deadline
30 June 2021

Cover image - Technology Analysis  Strategic Management

Technology Analysis Strategic Management

Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Davide La Torre, SKEMA Business School and Universite' Cote d'Azur
[email protected]

Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, Khalifa University and Quantum Computing, Inc
[email protected]

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Quantum Innovation and Technology Management: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives

The current, first generation of technologies that process quantum information is beginning to revolutionise cybersecurity and big data analytics, with public-key cryptographic systems already being replaced with quantum-safe or quantum-resistant systems, and optimisation problems are being solved in time that is orders of magnitude faster than possible on existing computing architecture. Given this promising start, coming generations of these quantum technologies are expected to be ubiquitious, and this prevalence of a new technology in every day life will create opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs, and managers. This special issue will host contributions that focus on broad aspects of innovation and technology development, transfer, and commercialization in the area of quantum information and computation, with topics of interest including (but not limited to): 1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the era of quantum technology 2. The impact of Quantum Computing on business processes 3. Quantum information processing, cybersecurity, and implications for businesses 4. Quantum technology dissemination and relevant case studies 5. Quantum technology challenges and opportunities in different industries 6. Ethics in Quantum Technology setting, best-practices, and policy

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