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Public Administration and the Need for Disability Inclusion (Symposium, Public Integrity Journal)

Abstract deadline
01 November 2023

Manuscript deadline
01 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Richard Greggory Johnson III, Masagung School of Management, University of San Francisco, USA
[email protected]

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Public Administration and the Need for Disability Inclusion (Symposium, Public Integrity Journal)

In 1990, the federal government passed the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act which prevents discrimination against individuals with disabilities in public spaces. Though it would not be well into the 2010’s before many changes could be seen to take effect.  However, public administration as a field has been slow to write about and research about disabilities through the years since 1990.  This fact is easily observable by reviewing many of the leading journals in public administration and one would not find many articles addressing disabilities. This is also observable by reviewing many professional conference offerings over the last few years.  There have even been few stand-alone panels and papers addressing disabilities as well.   This omission could very well be viewed as an ethical issue by not attending to a significant marginalized community in the United States.

Therefore, this Public Integrity Symposium takes up the topic of disabilities by inviting authors to submit a proposal for consideration in this Public Integrity Symposium addressing such topics as Mental Disabilities/Physical Disabilities and Invisibilities Disabilities/Heath disabilities etc.   This symposium is particularly interested in editors who can speak to the ethics of intersectionality focusing on identities linked with a person’s disability(ies) such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, social class/family history etc.

Submission Instructions

Interested persons should email their 500-word proposal to Professor Johnson III at: [email protected] by November 1, 2023.  Decisions will be made by November 15, 2023.  Papers must be submitted by February 1, 2024.  Please note that accepted proposals do not imply paper acceptance.   Final paper drafts will be due: June 15, 2024.  All papers will be vetted via Public Integrity’s peer review process.

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