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Manuscript deadline
31 December 2021

Cover image - The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

Special Issue Editor(s)

Michiel van elk, Leiden University
[email protected]

David Bryce Yaden, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
[email protected]

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Psychedelics and Mystical-type Experiences: Relevance and implications for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

The last decade we have witnessed a revival in psychedelic research. Psychedelic substances are increasingly used in a therapeutic context and seem to offer great potential for the treatment of biomedical disorders, such as depression, addiction and death anxiety. There is also an abundance of research showing that psychedelics, such as LSD and psilocybin, when used in the right setting, can occasion mystical-type experiences that are of great personal significance. Whereas these developments have had a huge impact on psychotherapy and clinical practice, so far they have remained largely beyond the scope of the psychology of religion. This is unfortunate, because the field of the psychology of religion has much to offer in terms of well-developed theories (e.g, for meaning-making) and well-validated scales and instruments (e.g., religious coping, spiritual struggles) that could potentially infuse the field of psychedelic research. In this special issue, we invite scholars from both fields to contribute both theoretical, review and empirical papers that address this issue of integration between these different disciplines. By doing so our hope is that the psychology of religion community will  take notice of these exciting new developments, and that psychedelic researchers find inspiration from the rich history and resources offered by the psychology of religion.

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Submission Instructions

  • Please note that potential contributions to this special issue should meet the methodological standards of IJPR (e.g., sufficient statistical power; use of validated scales) and that the research reported must have been approved by relevant IRB.
  • Authors can send an email enquiry to the editor if they are interested in submitting a paper or if they have questions about the suitability of their publication for this issue.
  • The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2021.
  • Submissions can be uploaded on the editorial manager of IJPR. Please select ‘Special issue Psychedelics’ for your submission type.

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