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Manuscript deadline
15 February 2021

Cover image - School Psychology Review

School Psychology Review

Special Issue Editor(s)

Isaac Woods, University of Kentucky
[email protected]

Kamontá Heidelburg, University at Buffalo
[email protected]

Tai A. Collins, University of Cincinnati
[email protected]

Scott L. Graves Jr, The Ohio State University
[email protected]

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Promoting the Development of Black Males: Supporting Social, Behavioral, Emotional, and Academic Success

It is imperative to identify effective strategies to address the social, behavioral, emotional, and academic disparities that disproportionately affect Black males. Black males are overrepresented among students experiencing below-grade level achievement, grade retention, truancy, dropping out of school and discipline problems (including suspensions and expulsions). Black males have the highest rates of incarceration, the highest homicide rates, and the lowest life expectancy of any ethnic group in America. As such, there needs to be a specific focus on solutions to these pressing issues.

Interdisciplinary scholarship and collaborations are essential in providing solutions to the aforementioned issues to advance scholarship and move past deficit-oriented statistical presentations of problems of Black males. Thus, we encourage manuscripts that utilize strength-based frameworks to provide solutions to these contemporary challenges facing Black males.

Given the notable lack of scholarship with a focus on Black males within the field of school psychology, coupled with national acknowledgments that school psychologists should use their expertise to promote fairness and social justice (National Association of School Psychologists, 2020) it is vital that we further scholarship that seeks to diversify the field while simultaneously providing solutions specific to Black males (e.g., Blake, Graves, Newell, & Jimerson, 2016; Graves et al., 2017). To support these efforts, this Special Topic section will feature multifaceted scholarship that builds upon existing school, developmental, and applied psychological research to stimulate the ways in which we understand, engage with, and support Black males.

Areas that the papers might address include, but are not limited to:

  • Examinations of racial and ethnic identity among Black males and how this is related to academic and social-emotional success.
  • Bibliometric and meta-analyses on academic, behavioral, and social-emotional interventions for Black males.
  • Secondary analyses of large-scale datasets that examine issues related to the identification practices and efficacy of special education placement for Black males.
  • Theoretical and methodological innovations in service delivery in tiered intervention systems that reconceptualize academic and behavioral success for Black males.
  • Empirical investigations (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods) of constructs such as school climate, school belonging, and perceptions of school safety on Black male engagement in schools.
  • Intervention and prevention studies that promote social justice and restorative aspects Black males’ lives.
  • Ecological studies that investigate parental racial socialization practices and the impact on school-based outcomes for Black males.
  • Public health analyses documenting the trends of Black males mental health outcomes, with recommendations for policies and practices to promote wellness and healthy adjustment.

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Submission Instructions

Identify that your manuscript is submitted for consideration in the special topic section.

A variety of manuscript types are sought including, but not limited to: theoretical, conceptual, and methods papers; qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods investigations; systematic research reviews; and data-based position papers or commentaries/analytic essays.

Each submission will be processed through peer-review to determine whether the manuscript is suitable for publication in the journal.

Articles accepted for publication will be featured in 2022.

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