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Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

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Progress or Passivity? Exploring East-West Sustainability, Peace, and Inter-Cultural Exchanges

Abstract deadline
29 December 2023

Manuscript deadline
31 July 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Amelia Hadfield, Department of Politics, University of Surrey
[email protected]

Professor Yuan Li, University of Shandong
[email protected]

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Progress or Passivity? Exploring East-West Sustainability, Peace, and Inter-Cultural Exchanges

In the post-pandemic era, peace and development of the world call for mutual understanding, mutual exchanges, mutual learning and common development among different civilizations. A successful inaugural online forum between the Jean Monnet Centre Britain and Europe, based at the Department of Politics at the University of Surrey, and the Institute of International Studies of Shandong University took place in March 2021, with the theme of “East meets West: Reviewing Post-Covid Economics, Business, Innovation and Politics”. The forum successfully inspired a range of new collaborative ventures between the two centers, including a high-quality Special Issue  in the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (Issue 3,2022). The SI was a popular issue, with the majority of its contributors receiving solid data footfall in terms of readership, and in some instances, high citation records.

Given both the cooperation, and ongoing tensions, exhibited between east and west governments, jurisdictions and communities, revisiting key post-Covid aspects of their relationship is a timely endeavour. This year’s online forum entitled “East meets West: Development, Peace, and Inter-civilization Exchanges”, between the University of Surrey, and the University of Shandong, will take place on 8th December, 2023, and aspires to a similarly interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and insights, bringing together a range of renowned scholars from Britain, Europe, and China on the most vital questions of our global landscape.

Following the successful track record of the 2021 forum/Special Issue, Professors Hadfield and Li propose a Special Issue, as prospective Guest Editors, to be produced based on this year’s forum. Focusing again on the comparative and interconnected modes of east and west, the Special Issue will showcase scholarship, industry and decision-maker insights on :

  • The challenges and opportunities of promote global development and sustainability, in, and between eastern and western governments and governance;
  • The risks and rewards of upholding world peace and security in the face of differing threat perceptions;
  • The methods of encouraging and enhancing inter-civilization exchanges and mutual learning via culture and education.

In this way, the Special Issue not only aims to continue the original ‘cultural conversations’ set out in the 2022 issue, but goes further in seeking to undertake a comparative, systematic, and theory-guided analysis of the above questions, thereby finding better ways of understanding the different approaches to modernization, and cooperation between the East and the West.

The special issue will welcome the following forms of inputs from its participants:

  • co-authored editorial
  • op-eds
  • forum-based pieces
  • longer research-based articles

We envisage each piece fitting neatly within – and speak to – the specific east-west dynamics that as of 2023/2024 typify both the structures, and the dramatic challenges to ‘big issue’ areas: global development and sustainability, peace and security, and inter-civilization culture and education exchanges.

Submission Instructions

The co-editors are aiming at 2-3pm inputs for each of the three sections, with inputs encouraged on the basis of  high quality insights on these three areas, concomitant with the goals of JCEBS itself. Estimated word counts:

  • 1 x co-authored editorial : 3,500 words by the guest editors setting the stage for the SI and the geopolitical context;
  • 3 x op-eds: 2,500 words : on each of the three categories of sustainability/security and peace/education and culture, focusing on overarching east-west dynamics;
  • 3 x forum-based pieces : 3-3,500 words: an exploration of one specific area within the overarching 3 categories from a commercial and/or decision-makers’ perspective;
  • 1-2 x longer research-based articles : 6,000 words: a detailed, scholarly appraisal of either east-west challenges and opportunities, or deep-dive into one specific area within the the overarching 3 categories.

Draft Manuscript Date: 30/5/2024

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