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International Review of Sociology

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Precarity and Peacebuilding: Sociological Insights into Global Challenges and Local Responses

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30 May 2024

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01 December 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Tamanna M. Shah, Ohio University
[email protected]

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Precarity and Peacebuilding: Sociological Insights into Global Challenges and Local Responses

The concept of precarity, primarily examined within the economic and labor domains, symbolizes the instability and vulnerability faced by individuals and communities across various societal dimensions. This special issue aims to reframe precarity within the sociological discourse of peacebuilding, exploring how precarity not only influences but also intersects with efforts to build peace in regions marred by conflict and instability. It aims to extend the conversation beyond economic conditions to include cultural, political, and social factors that contribute to precarity and impact peacebuilding processes. The issue is motivated by an understanding that precarity transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, presenting a global challenge that requires sociological insight and innovative policy responses. 

This special issue calls for submissions that unpack the complex dynamics of conflict, peace, and instability through a sociological lens. It will examine existing policies and social movements, identify best practices, and explore innovative approaches to peacebuilding to make recommendations for policymakers, practitioners, and civil society actors working in conflict-affected areas. These recommendations may include policy reforms, grassroots initiatives, community-based interventions, and advocacy campaigns aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict, promoting dialogue and reconciliation, and building sustainable peace from the ground up. By situating the discussion within varied geopolitical contexts - from armed conflicts and political violence to economic crises and social unrest - this issue aims to contribute to positive social change, enhance resilience, and promote peace and stability in precarious contexts around the world. 

We invite original research articles, theoretical papers, and case studies that engage with the intersections of precarity, peacebuilding, social movements, and policy interventions. Contributions that offer comparative perspectives or focus on the Global South are particularly welcome, as are those that incorporate feminist perspectives, and other frameworks that enrich the sociological discourse on precarity and peacebuilding. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

    • Sociological analyses of how precarity affects peacebuilding initiatives and the lived experiences of communities in conflict-affected areas. 
    • The role of social movements functioning within precarious spaces and how they shape peace processes, with a focus on grassroots activism, dialogue, and reconciliation efforts. 
    • The effectiveness of policy interventions in addressing issues related to precarity and their impact on societal stability and peace. 
    • The role of community-based strategies for addressing the root causes of conflict and building sustainable peace, drawing on empirical case studies and theoretical analysis. 

Submission Instructions

Timetable leading up to submission to the Journal 

    • Submit 300-word Abstract, working title, and short bio to [email protected]: 30 May 2024 
    • Acceptance Notifications: 10 June 2024 
    • Submit full articles (no more than 15,000 words) to the journal ScholarOne by selecting "special issue Precarity and Peacebuilding”: 01 December 2024  
    • Full Article submission for Peer Review: 05 December 2024  
    • Review Results Returned: 28 Feb 2025 
    • R&R and final acceptance notification: 01 June 2025 


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