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Journal of Political Power: Power and Crisis

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01 June 2024

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31 August 2024

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Giulio, Gallarotti
[email protected]

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Journal of Political Power: Power and Crisis

Power and Crisis 

Power has been studied in many contexts. One especially interesting, but neglected, context would be how power manifests itself in crises that stem from extraordinarily unsettling socio-political conditions. What power dynamics reveal themselves when people are faced with especially threatening situations? To whom are the reigns of control assigned when groups are faced with impending threats? What happens to the democratic process during such dire times, particularly in developing and emerging nations, where democratic institutions are not as consolidated as they are in advanced industrial societies? What power dynamics establish themselves after the crises are abated? There are many such questions that are of special interest to students of power.

In particular, we are concerned with unpacking the interplay between crisis and power dynamics, and also in the subsequent redistribution of power during periods in which new actors emerge as providers of both material and ideational resources in the aftermath of crisis. aftermath.  This special issue takes a broader view in inviting papers beyond specific critical junctures and aims at exploring the dynamics of power in crisis both in a short and long-term perspective across disciplinary boundaries: economic, political, social, religious, environmental, geo-political, health, etc. Hence, participation is open to any scholarly field in which power is studied.

Submission Instructions

World Limit: 8000 words

Expected publication date: Early 2025

Please remember to select the special issue "Power and Crisis" when submitting a manuscript.

Please send an abstract and biography by June 1, 2024 to Giulio Gallarotti at [email protected]

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