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Negotiating Sticky Issues in Classrooms Today

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16 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Paul Watkins, The Clearing House Journal
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Jodye I. Selco, The Clearing House Journal
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Negotiating Sticky Issues in Classrooms Today

The world is slowly emerging from a global pandemic, reshaping economic, social, and political norms. Nowhere is this more evident than in the classroom, where questions over what is taught, how it is taught, who has access to it, and who should teach it become contentious, conspiratorial, and sticky for educators. Teaching strategies, best practices, and healthy approaches for dealing with a series of constructs, such as those below:

  • artificial intelligence,
  • racial injustice,
  • science denial,
  • banned books, and
  • Bullying.

These and others invite creative thinking and relevant research to mediate and amplify competencies addressing such problems for this special issue.

Submission Instructions

The submission should include a title page, abstract (200 words), keywords, text, and reference page. The manuscript should not exceed 3,700 words, not including references or a title page. Any scholarly formatting is acceptable, but APA is recommended.

The following types of papers that will be accepted include:

  • Perspective Essays: writing centered on personal informed experience.
  • Action Research: writing that produces actionable input for solving individual or institutional problems.
  • Analytical Research: writing that confronts a stated problem and hypotheses.

When submitting your paper, select the “special issue title,” i.e., Negotiating Sticky Issues in Education Today.

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