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Manuscript deadline
10 August 2020

Cover image - International Review of Applied Economics

International Review of Applied Economics

Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Jonathan Michie, University of Oxford
[email protected]

Professor Maura Sheehan, Edinburgh Napier University
[email protected]

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The Political Economy of Covid-19

We are in a human, economic and social crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic has spread rapidly across countries with a scale and severity similar only to the devastating Spanish flu of 1918. Action is needed within as well as across countries to deal with the current crisis; to enable the economy and society to recover; to make our economies and societies more resilient for the future. Creating this resilience includes addressing the inequalities in society which have made some populations more vulnerable than others – as witnessed both within and between countries (UN 2020).[1]

The magnitude of the crisis requires very different types of government responses compared to the laissez faire attitudes common since the 1980s. In addition, a decade of austerity had left critical public institutions under-funded and insufficiently prepared to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. But with all governments forced to act decisively and intervene extensively, the crisis presents an opportunity to bring about a fundamental shift in the political landscape, so that more sustainable and equitable economic and social policies might become the new norm.

We invite contributions from economists, economic sociologists, financial and health economists, policy analysts and other social scientists who can offer critical insight into the causes, effects and opportunities around the Covid-19 crisis. We have a preference for applied research, but welcome theoretical contributions. We particularly welcome contributions that report research into the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in developing and emerging economies, and upon vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and communities. Papers would be particularly welcome on the following topics:

  • The political economy of governmental responses to the Covid-19 crisis. For example, analysis of the size, nature and duration of economic stimulus packages and early indications of their effectiveness; and analysis of the timing, governance and easing of the ‘lock-downs’.
  • Analysis of the factors that contributed to Covid-19 disproportionately impacting on disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals.
  • Analysis of the relationship between the size and scope of public health provision and resourcing on the one hand and Covid-19 testing, fatality and recovery rates.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for global financial markets – stock markets, bond yields, and currency markets.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for different industries – tourism, hospitality, internet retail, telecommunications.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for labour markets - unemployment, inequalities, ‘lockdown’, up-skilling, career transitions.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for the precariously employed and other types of ‘flexible’ labour market practices.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for changes in poverty-levels and levels of income inequality.
  • The implications of the Covid-19 crisis for flexible work-practices – eg the pros, cons, and opportunities of working from home.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – survival/insolvency, the impact of government support schemes, innovation, staffing levels.

[1] United Nations (2020), Everyone Included: Social Impact of COVID-19, UN: Department of Economic and Social Affairs Social Inclusion.


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