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SUFIT Special Issue: Plant Protection for a Sustainable Agriculture 2

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31 March 2024

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Eduardo Abreo, INIA Uruguay
[email protected]

Sandra Alaniz, Universidad de la República
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Carmen Rossini, Universidad de la República
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Silvina Stewart, INIA Uruguay
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Tiago Edu Kaspary, INIA Uruguay
[email protected]

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SUFIT Special Issue: Plant Protection for a Sustainable Agriculture 2

The Uruguayan Society of Phytopathology welcomes papers on “Plant Protection for a Sustainable Agriculture II”, to celebrate the “Past, Present and Future of Plant Protection in Uruguay”, the themes of our 2023 meeting at SUFIT 30s anniversary. This special issue will deal with: Management of plant diseases, insect pests and weeds affecting cultivated plants in Uruguay and the neighboring countries Knowledge and technologies that facilitate agroecological transitions in crops with domestic or international importance Interactions of plants and crops with plant pathogens, pest, weeds and the environment Ecology and diversity of pest, pathogens and weeds populations, epidemiology, biodiversity, interactions with alternative hosts and native species are of particular interest. Biological control strategies, the use of semiochemicals for pest management, genetic improvement for healthier plants, management of pest resistance, production systems that improve soil and crop health and sustainability are encouraged. Contributions by Uruguayan researchers working in foreign countries presenting topics of national importance for plant health and sustainability will be considered.

Submission Instructions

Select “Uruguayan Society of Phytopathology: Plant protection for a sustainable agriculture 2” when submitting your paper to ScholarOne
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Original research articles that have not been published, except as an abstract at the SUFIT conference
Review articles: By editorial request. If you wish to submit an unrequested review, contact the editor before submission.
Submission deadline: 31st March, 2024
Expected publication date: November 2024.

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