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Place Marketing and Destination Branding

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30 November 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Isaac Cheah, Curtin University
[email protected]

Billy Sung, Curtin University
[email protected]

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Place Marketing and Destination Branding

Developing a strong brand presence may help a region or destination gain a competitive edge (Hanna et al., 2021; Milicevic et al., 2017). While Covid-19 has ushered in a new climate of uncertainty that has disrupted globalisation and international trade, the expanding influence of global media, the rise of place branding efforts, and the mobility of people and money have continued to fuelled interest in destination and place branding (Skinner 2021). This has spurred a renewed interest in place identities, their uniqueness, and communication (Zenker and Bruan, 2017), as well as substantial advances in place and destination branding, practise and theory (Papadopoulos, 2004; Anholt, 2005; Hanna and Rowley, 2008; Gertner, 2011; Che-Ha et al., 2016; Dorcic and Komsic, 2017). Therefore, it is time to review existing concepts and open up new research perspectives for place and destination branding theory, which challenges current dominant logic and methodologies.

We welcome empirical (qualitative and quantitative) and conceptual research papers that contribute to a deeper and different understanding of place marketing and destination branding. More specifically, we call for papers that will (1) advance place and destination branding literature by re-evaluating existing concepts or developing new theories (2) critically appraise and question the traditional assumptions regarding the nature of place and destination branding; (3) provide new theoretical insights; and that (4) contribute to innovative solutions in the form of novel research methodologies.

This special issue invites papers contributing to knowledge and practice related to place branding (such as cities or tourist regions), country-of-origin and country image research (such as perceptions about a country’s products), national branding, tourism destination image, and psychological issues (such as place belongingness).

Submission Instructions

- ANZMAC 2022 has an international marketing track dedicated to author/s seeking to submit to the Special Issue of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science. Author/s submitting papers to this track must comply with the ANZMAC review process. Discussions in the ANZMAC Track will help author/s position and refine their paper ready for submission to the journal review process.

- An open call for full-length journal papers for the Special Issue will be made soon. Any author/s may submit through the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science submission system and will undergo a similar review process as regularly submitted papers. Submission for the Special Issue begins April 1, 2022, with the final deadline for submission being August 31, 2023.

- Questions pertaining to the Special Issue should be sent to any of the Guest Editors.

- Papers must be formatted in accordance with the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science style sheet.

- All papers will be double-blind refereed. Post-refereeing, the Guest Editors will propose a list of publishable papers for consideration by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science – whose agreement will be required prior to notifying Authors of final acceptance.

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