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Behaviour & Information Technology

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Persuasive Technology 2024

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12 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Khin Than Win, University of Wollongong, Australia
[email protected]

Raian Ali, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
[email protected]

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Persuasive Technology 2024

  • Special issue of selected papers from the 19th International Conference on Persuasive Technology. The special issue is by invitation only.
  • The scope is in
    • Persuasive systems design
    • Behavior change support systems
    • Interaction with persuasive systems, interfaces, visualisation
    • Interactive agents in persuasive systems
    • AI for persuasive technology
    • Tailored and personalised persuasion
    • Gamification for persuasion
    • Evaluation and validation of persuasive applications
    • Software architectures and technical infrastructures for persuasive systems
    • Smart environments, e.g. IoT and persuasion
    • Digital Marketing, eCommerce, eTourism and SMART ecosystems
    • Motivational, cognitive and perceptual factors in persuasive technology
    • Application domains for persuasive technologies such as safety, healthy living, sustainable behaviours, learning and training, marketing and commerce, work environments, organisations
    • Positive technology
    • Humanizing and/or dehumanising effects of persuasive technology
    • Values and ethics in persuasive technology
    • Privacy, perceived security and trust in persuasive technology
    • Resilience and counter-persuasion
    • Detecting persuasive strategies in social media posts
    • Encouraging adherence to safety measures in pandemic situations

Submission Instructions

The papers must have the 35 % extra content from the conference paper. The content should
not only be the literature or additional discussion but should include 35% of new results.
Please select the special issue title, "Persuasive Technology 2024", when
submitting your paper to ScholarOne.
The expected publication date is January 2025.

Instructions for Authors