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The Journal of Genetic Psychology

For a Special Issue on
Peer Relationships Across Diverse Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Contexts

Manuscript deadline
15 October 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Nina Mounts, Northern Illinois University, US
[email protected]

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Peer Relationships Across Diverse Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Contexts

The Journal of Genetic Psychology invites the submission of papers for a special issue focusing on Peer Relationships Across Diverse Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Contexts. Relations with peers play many important functions. Peers provide companionship and emotional security, serve as a reference group for establishing standards of behavior and evaluating an individual’s own performance, and contribute to self-concepts. From early childhood through adolescence and adulthood, social skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional functioning and self-regulation develop. In addition, throughout development. individuals move into new social context and take on new roles and responsibilities. Through these changing psychological and social processes, the nature and function of peer relationships are transformed. Much of the literature on peer relationships has examined peer relationships in White, Western, industrialized contexts. The proposed volume will seek papers to expand the literature to other peer contexts. The special issue will be edited by Nina Mounts.

The special issue aims to include papers about peer relationships from early childhood through adulthood across diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural contexts within varied settings (school, neighborhood, extracurricular activities, online, workplace, etc). Papers can focus on peer relationships within specific groups that have not been typically included in the literature (e.g., peer relationships in Africa) or peer relationships among diverse groups of people (e.g., United States peer groups of African-American, Asian, Latinx, and White children).
We invite papers addressing the following topics, as well as others:

• Cross-cultural research on peer relationships in non-Western, non-White cultural groups
• Cross-racial friendships in school, extracurricular, neighborhood, online, or work settings
• Age differences in cross-racial friendships or changes in cross-racial friendships across settings (e.g., middle school to high school transition; high school to college transition)
• Parenting and cross-racial peer relationships
• Experiences of bullying and victimization within diverse groups
• Diverse peer networks and academic achievement
• Peer support and coping with ethnic discrimination in the school, neighborhood, or work setting
• Friendship quality and peer popularity in diverse groups and their relation to adjustment
• Prosocial behavior within diverse peer groups
• Diverse peer relationships and ethnic identity development

Submission Instructions

Contributions may include reports of empirical research, literature reviews, conceptual papers, or methodological papers. Manuscript submissions may vary in length from 10 to 35 pages. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the Journal of Genetic Psychology submission portal on Scholar One: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/gnt

Authors must indicate in their cover letter that their paper should be considered for the special issue on Peer Relationships Across Diverse Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Contexts. All submissions will undergo peer-review.
Deadline for submission: October 15, 2021

We look forward to your submission. For questions or further information please contact Nina Mounts: [email protected] Journal homepage: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/vgnt20/current

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