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Manuscript deadline
01 November 2020

Cover image - Journal of Pastoral Theology

Journal of Pastoral Theology

Special Issue Editor(s)

K. Samuel Lee, Ph.D., Claremont School of Theology
[email protected]

Danjuma Gibson, Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary
[email protected]

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Special Edition on COVID19 Pandemic and the Global Protest for Racial Justice

How suitable, how necessary it is that this plague and pestilence, which seems horrible and deadly, searches out the justice of each and every one and examines the mind of the human race; whether the [healthy] care for the sick, whether relatives dutifully love kinsmen as they should …whether physicians do not desert the afflicted.   –Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage[1]

The Journal of Pastoral Theology seeks pastoral theological essays for a special issue on topics related to the current Coronavirus-19 pandemic and the global Black Lives Matter movement. Suggestive topics on the Coronavirus-19 pandemic may include pastoral theological reflections on Anti-Asian Racism, Xenophobia, equity implications of the pandemic, the meaning of suffering, the role of religious communities in response to the pandemic, the impact of the pandemic on religion and religious practices, and more.  This special issue will also include pastoral theological essays related to the concurrent global protests for racial justice for black and brown people in light of the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.  Suggestive topics may include pastoral theological reflections on intersectionality and racism, systemic racism in the justice system, the ongoing legacy of white supremacy, the meaning of Black Lives Matters for all of humanity, and the role of religious communities in response to the ongoing racially motivated destruction of black and brown bodies.

[1] Quoted in Glen Scrivener, “Responding to Pandemics: 4 Lessons from Church History,” March 16, 2020, accessed on March 26, 2020, https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/4-lessons-church-history/.

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Submission Instructions

If you are interested in writing an essay, before starting to work on it, kindly inform the co-editors (K. Samuel Lee at [email protected] or Danjuma Gibson at [email protected]) of your intent with a tentative title.

Each essay is expected to be a scholastic work, and is required to move through our peer review process.

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