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Manuscript deadline
23 September 2020

Cover image - The Journal of Social Psychology

The Journal of Social Psychology

Special Issue Editor(s)

Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College
[email protected]

Corey L. Cook, Pacific Lutheran University
[email protected]

Kate Faasse, University of New South Wales - Sydney
[email protected]

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Time Series Interruption from the Pandemic on Social Psychological Research

The COVID-19 Pandemic led most colleges and universities to convert from face-to-face to distance learning as most citizens experienced “shelter at home” instructions of some sort. In a short period, many researchers focused their questions to answer problems that emerged as a result. However, the present special issue focuses on how the pandemic may have changed ongoing social psychological research and the examined behaviors. This special issue invites authors to submit quantitative, empirical research articles that address this question following one of two approaches:

  • examines data from a project that started before and continued through the pandemic
  • examines archival data that includes data points that occurred before and during the pandemic

In both cases, it is expected that authors will test hypotheses related to how time (before and during the pandemic) moderated one or more social psychological effects. Studies should be adequately powered to demonstrate the effect in question before the pandemic or with sufficient power across the time period. Given that the journal is a strong advocate of open science principles, we remind authors that all manuscripts must meet Research Materials Transparency requirements, and we strongly urge all papers to also meet the criteria for Data Transparency. For more details about Open Science Badges and Research Materials Transparency at The Journal of Social Psychology, review our related editorials (Grahe, 2014, 2018).

Example Topics or Designs:

  • Time series analyses that examine a behavior before and during the pandemic
  • Social media posts (or other archived behavioral data) related to social psychological phenomenon before and during the pandemic
  • Online data collection that occurred before and during the pandemic
  • In-person data collection before the pandemic that transitioned  to online data collection during the pandemic with identical measures

Grahe, J. (2018). Another step towards scientific transparency: Requiring research materials for publication. The Journal of Social Psychology, 158(1), 1-3.
Grahe, J. E. (2014). Announcing open science badges and reaching for the sky. The Journal of Social Psychology, 154, 1-3.

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Submission Instructions

The journal publishes full-length articles (8,000 words or less) and short reports (2,000 words or less plus one table or figure). Word counts do not include title/abstract/references. Co-editors for this special issue of will be Brian Meier ([email protected]), Corey Cook ([email protected]), and Kate Faasse ([email protected]). Questions regarding the special issue and the submission of manuscripts should be directed to the co-editors.

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