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International Journal for Academic Development

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Our Academic Development Stories

Manuscript deadline
02 February 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Dalhousie University
[email protected]

Anna Serbati, University of Trento
[email protected]

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Our Academic Development Stories

Our Academic Development Stories:  An Open Call for Vignettes

IJAD is piloting a special section of the journal to be published in 2022 to invite academic developers into conversation with one another about their academic development work, in a different format from that of a research paper.

We have recently created a broad definition of academic development to encompass the work we know we all do across our institutions and around the world, to reflect the breadth and depth of our work:

Academic development (also known as educational, faculty, or staff development), aims to enhance the practice, theory, creativity and/or quality of teaching and learning communities in higher or post-secondary education.

Our work as academic developers is oriented towards individuals, groups, or organizations and can take the form of both deliberate actions and informal initiatives, including those in partnership with academic colleagues and students. We focus on supporting the professional development of academics and/or senior administrators at any stage of their careers and in relation to such key dimensions of their academic roles as teaching, scholarship, service, and leadership. This work can inform context-specific institutional and organizational development, and thereby effect positive change.                                                                                                                                                               IJAD editorial team, 12 October 2021

We would like to add some soul to this general definition, discovering local features of academic development, as well as incorporating some interculturality.

The IJAD editors invite you to create a vignette that encapsulates your response to the question: What does ‘academic development’ mean to you in your current context? In 300-700 words please share anecdotes or experiences that tell the story of being an academic developer as you live it, highlighting the aspects you think are most relevant in your work.

We encourage responses that will enable us to gather thoughts, reflections, discoveries, dialogues, feelings - moments in time - that capture the spirit of our work across the globe from our various cultural and national perspectives as well as from the different positions we hold through our institutional practices and our personal professional identities. We hope that this complementary approach to sharing our thoughts about academic development will create a fluid and flexible gathering place for our expressions about academic development work that will be a complementary approach to the other ways we share our work in IJAD, contributing to the growth and development of our community.

Submission Instructions

Your contribution should be:

  • between 300 and 700 words in length
  • clearly articulated from your own position and perspective (so very briefly tell readers who you are—context, identities/background, position)
  • informal but substantive narratives in your own voice—they can be practical and/or provocative in nature, they can tell a story of your academic development experiences or about the impact of your work that might reflect contentious and controversial or engaging and rewarding aspects of your work
  • references should be used sparingly and only if they are incorporated into, and contribute meaningfully to, your narrative (references will count in the word limit)

Criteria for selection will include:

  • A clear narrative framed within your national/local context
  • Pieces that contribute in some original and substantial way to exploring the broad definition of academic development framed by IJAD (as above)
  • Relevance to the development of the field of Academic Development
  • Adherence to word length

Please note that in making a decision about which vignettes to accept for this special section of IJAD, the editors’ decisions will be based not only on the merits of the submission itself but also on how it contrasts and complements the themes of the other vignettes submitted.

Please submit your proposal selecting the pull-down menu for the special issue "Our academic development stories" and selecting the 'article’ genre in ScholarOne, to help the screening editor identify that your contribution is submitted for this special issue.

Please pass this message on to anyone you think may be interested.  We would like this special section to reflect the breadth of our international readership!

For questions about this Call, please contact:

Suzanne Le-May Sheffield ([email protected]) and Anna Serbati  ([email protected])

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