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The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research

For a Special Issue on
New Horizons in Retail Geography

Manuscript deadline
30 December 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Alexandra Dales, York St John University
[email protected]

Jennifer Ferreira, Coventry University
[email protected]

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New Horizons in Retail Geography

The world of retail is constantly changing, whether it is the shift away from bricks and mortar shops to online shopping and the ‘death’ of the high street (Hubbard, 2017; Jones and Livingstone, 2017; Teller, 2008), the revival of some traditional markets (Gonzalez and Waley, 2012) to the shift to sustainable consumption (Bianci and Birtwistle, 2010; Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2014), or responding to the impact of a global pandemic. The retail sector plays an important part in how societies and their economies are formed and change over time, and is interwoven with the socio-economic geographies of different locations, and at different scales.

There is a rich corpus of literature that has developed on different aspects of retail geography, from earlier works which highlighted the central position of retail geography within social-scientific research (Crewe, 2000) to explorations of the economic geographies of retail globalisation (Coe, 2004; Coe and Wrigley, 2018), through to the shift to low cost fashion and the impact on cities (Bhardwaj and Fairhurst, 2010), or the role of marketplaces as sites of urban transformation (Gonzales, 2019). The retail sector remains dynamic, and there is a continuing need to explore these new geographies and their interactions with societies as they emerge.

The intention of this Special Issue of The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer is to enable scholars working on different areas of retail geography, and from various disciplines, to come together to showcase their research. From explorations of how different retail spaces are being shaped and transformed in different national contexts, to the consideration of technology on the retail experience in cities. There is a broad scope for what could be included. The Special Edition aims to highlight research that demonstrates some of the new dynamics experienced in the retail sector, but also the varied impacts this is having around the world.

We invite paper submissions for this Special Issue which focuses on retail geography from a range of perspectives and across different thematic areas, spatial scales or locations. Submissions might include analysis of the drivers of retail change, the societal impacts of retail change, and what this means for the retail industry, in various locations around the world. We encourage the submission of papers which relate to different aspects of the geographies of retail. These could include:

The changing nature of the high street
The impact of Covid-19 on retail
The role of markets and retail spaces
Fast fashion, retail network and supply chains
Environmental sustainability in retail
Ethical retail and consumption
The role of consumers in retail geographies
The role of technology in shaping the retail experience
The relationship between retail and gentrification
International retail and supply chains

We also welcome submission of papers which including empirical studies of different aspects of retail geography, but also more theoretical or conceptual articles which consider developments for the retail sector more broadly.