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Nationalism and Ethnic Politics

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Conflict and Peace: The cultural dimension

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01 September 2023

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01 April 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Giuditta Fontana, University of Birmingham
[email protected]

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Conflict and Peace: The cultural dimension

The expression and management of culture and cultural institutions are crucial – if overlooked – aspects of violent conflict, peacemaking, and peacebuilding. A number of seminal studies have shed valuable light on how culture plays into the causes and dynamics of violence, particularly civil war and conflict (including Horowitz, 2000; Ross, 2000; 2001; 2007). Recent works have started reflecting more systematically on the role of cultural institutions in peace accords (inter alia, Fontana and Masiero, 2022) and on how specific cultural expressions and institutions may foster the stable end of civil war and even peacebuilding (Hughes and Loader, 2015; King and Samii, 2020). Other studies started shedding light on how cultural institutions and expressions may perpetuate in peacetime the cleavages that underpinned violence (Bryan, 2015; Fontana, 2013; 2016). Yet, fundamental questions remain on the complex, multi-layered and interactive relationship between cultural expressions and institutions, and the political, territorial and socio-economic structures during and after violent conflict.

Submissions for the Special Issue on “Conflict and Peace: The Cultural Dimension” will address remaining questions, including:

• How do language, religion, traditions and other aspects of culture play into the motivations for conflict, dynamics of violence and opportunities for peace?

• How have education, museums, festivals and other cultural institutions been employed to reproduce conflict or build peace?

• How do cultural expressions and/or cultural institutions interact with new political and territorial structures after guns fall silent?

Submissions adopting inter-disciplinary and multi-methods approaches are welcome, alongside single-case studies focusing on any region, and large-n studies. We are particularly interested in submissions by authors identifying with different genders, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, early career scholars and scholars working in the Global South.

Submission Instructions

Guidelines for Authors Submissions should comply with NEP’s guidelines, available here: .


• 1 September 2023: Submissions of 400-word abstracts. We recommend to clearly state the research question(s)/hypotheses; methods; and core findings/implications as part of the abstract.

• 1 October 2023: Notification if the abstract is selected.

• 1April 2024: Submission of full paper.

• 1June-1September 2024: Revisions and work with paper authors to ensure compliance with the suggested revisions.

• Final selection of papers: 1 November 2024.

• Completion of the editorial process (6 months after the deadline for submission): 1 May 2025.

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