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New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

For a Special Issue on
Multimedia Security in the Digital Era

Manuscript deadline
10 October 2021

Cover image - New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Mamoun Alazab, Charles Darwin University, Australia
[email protected]

Dr. Ameer Al-Nemrat, University of East London, UK
[email protected]

Dr. Hassan Fouad Mohamed El-Sayed, Helwan University, Egypt
[email protected]

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Multimedia Security in the Digital Era

The evolution of multimedia applications influences every individual across the globe and has an impact on every aspect of our day-to-day lives. With the advances in modern tools and technologies, the growth of multimedia has become accelerated. In general, multimedia data can be of text, image, video, graphics, and various digital formats. As the internet grows and with growing network and communication technologies (5G and future networks), multimedia security has become one of the most important factors to be considered. The users of multimedia applications may face numerous security threats during various contexts of information creation, processing, transmission, storage, and presentation of the data. These risks to multimedia security are considerably higher across mobile users due to the increased complexity of the mobile application ecosystem. This is because mobile applications are dependent on application development methods but also on various components such as hardware, software, operating systems, infrastructures, API, etc. 

Furthermore, as users around the world spend much of their time on multimedia applications, security risks are on the rise, and may continue to grow rapidly in the future. Protecting the data with strong passwords, managing privacy settings, managing separate accounts for personal and professional activities, mindfully sharing information, protecting data at physical access points, and getting rid of the accounts that were not in use are some of the simple ways through which the user can reduce the possibility of security breaches across multimedia platforms. However, there are many possibilities for cybercriminals to target multimedia applications and cause security vulnerabilities. An ideal solution is to develop advanced cybersecurity tools and techniques, especially in accordance with evolving digital requirements, as a defensive measure to protect and keep the data safe and secure. In this context, there are numerous research opportunities. Exploring some of the meaningful contributions can significantly resolve these issues and enhance the scope of multimedia security in the present and in the near future.  

Topics of interest for the Special Issue include:

    • Security, privacy, and trust based protocols in multimedia applications 
    • Role of computational intelligence in digital platforms 
    • User privacy and data access management across online multimedia platforms 
    • AI for protecting security and privacy of mobile multimedia applications
    • Secure image and video sharing techniques for multimedia platforms 
    • Multimedia forensics and advances 
    • Risk mitigation, reduction, and enhancement of multimedia security with disruptive technologies 
    • Multimedia steganography and steganalysis 
    • Role of augmented and virtual reality in multimedia security 
    • Digital rights management and security protection in multimedia platforms 
    • AI in multimedia security and advancements 

Submission Instructions

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Expected publication date: Summer 2022.

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