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Journal of Media Ethics

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Moral Psychology and Media

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01 January 2024

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Renita Coleman, University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]

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Moral Psychology and Media

Scholarship on moral judgment continues to illuminate how we internalize value systems, how we form moral identities, and how both motivate and shape our decisions. Having developed within the field of social psychology, moral psychology has grown and broadened substantially over the last several decades, as driving questions about moral responses and motivations are of great interest across populations and professions – including media environments and audiences. We have seen increasing scholarship explore the moral judgments of journalists, marketers and other media professionals, as well as the role of moral psychological factors in media effects responses. The Journal of Media Ethics invites scholars to submit moral psychology research for a special issue planned for 2024, to be guest edited by Dr. Renita Coleman of the University of Texas. With the special issue, the Journal hopes to showcase the wide variety and promise of moral psychology applications in media ethics scholarship, from theoretical explications to empirical studies. Submissions for the special issue, as well as questions, should be sent by email directly to Dr. Coleman, at [email protected], by January 1, 2024.

Submission Instructions

Send submissions by email to Renita Coleman at [email protected]. Please limit to 9,000 words including references, figures, and tables. For details on submissions, please see instructions for the journal at

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