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Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology

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Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems

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29 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Andrea Coraddu, Delft University of Technology
[email protected]

Gerasimos Theotokatos, University of Strathclyde
[email protected]

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Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems

This special issue presents a collection of articles addressing the contemporary challenges in the areas of the ship energy systems modelling and optimization. A number of them was initially presented in the 4th International Conference on Modelling and Optimisation of Ship Energy Systems (MOSES2023). MOSES International Conferences are organised biannually and were established to provide a forum for sharing and debating views, concepts and ideas in the area of ship energy systems including modelling, optimisation, control, data-driven methods, safety, autonomy, automation, and sustainability. MOSES2023 was organised by the group of Sustainable Drive and Energy Systems of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, in the period 26−27 October 2023. MOSES2023 was structured in 10 technical sessions including academic and industrial tracks, in which 30 technical papers were presented by experts from premiere maritime industry companies, high calibre academics, and young researchers from world leading institutions.

The conference gathered 70 delegates, demonstrating its wide acceptance in the pertinent scientific community and its broad geographical reach. Based on recommendations by the reviewers and the sessions’ chairpersons, a number of papers were invited for submission in this Special Issue, the acceptance of which included another peer review process. This special issue consists of 10 articles addressing various topics including modelling and digital twins, optimisation,  control, and data-driven methods of ship energy systems.

Submission Instructions

Modelling & Digital Twins

  • First principal methods development
  • Surrogate models and Digital Twins


  • Optimisation methods / algorithms
  • Optimisation under uncertainty


  • Methods & strategies,
  • Model Predictive Control

Synthesis, Design, & Operations

  • Energy & ship voyage management
  • Alternative power plants
  • Energy storage systems

Maintenance & Safety

  • Risk, Reliability & Safety
  • Diagnostics &Prognostics


  • Emissions reduction technologies
  • Alternative fuels & power plants
  • Zero emissions vessels

Data-Driven Methods

  • Predictive & prescriptive analytics
  • AI for design & operations
  • Digital Twins development

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