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Manuscript deadline
02 March 2021

Cover image - Military Psychology

Military Psychology

Special Issue Editor(s)

Armando X. Estrada, Temple University, US
[email protected]

Fritz Drasgow, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US

Janice H. Laurence, Temple University, US

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Measurement of Psychological Constructs in Military Populations and Settings

Advances in military psychology, as in other areas of psychology, are dependent on the integration of theory, and sound empirical research.  However, no matter how sophisticated our research designs may be or how large a sample we may obtain, the quality and applicability of our findings may not inform, influence or impact matters of interest to specific sponsors, military leaders, and policy makers or the broader field, if our findings rely on measures of limited quality.  Given the central role that measurement plays in advancing knowledge within military psychology, it is interesting to note that we often find ourselves having to rely on measures that were not specifically designed for use with military populations or in military environments; or rely on measures that have limited psychometric evidence to justify their use, application or interpretation in studies of military personnel. Exacerbating these concerns, is the fact that most peer-reviewed publications do not necessarily support the publication of studies that are specifically designed to evaluate the validity of existing measures of psychological constructs. As a result, researchers are left with a series of unsatisfactory choices and risks in opting to use or adapt existing measures; or in developing a new measure without the benefit of rigorously evaluating their structural or psychometric properties.

It is in this context that we seek papers for a special issue of Military Psychology on the Measurement of Psychological Constructs in Military Populations and Settings. Specifically, we seek (a) papers focusing on the development of new measures that report results of structural and psychometric analyses with data from military populations or military settings; (b) papers focusing on the evaluation of existing measures for which empirical evidence is insufficient or contradictory (for example, if there is limited evidence supporting the psychometric properties of a measure; or if there are controversies over the structural properties of a measure—i.e., factorial structure); and (c) papers evaluating the use or adaptation of existing measures for use with diverse military populations including those from different nations or cultures.  Successful papers will provide a rigorous and thorough examination of the structural and psychometric properties of measures of psychological constructs of relevance for understanding varied psychological phenomena involving military populations and military settings.

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Submission Instructions

Abstract Submissions.  Abstracts are due 1 OCTOBER 2020 and should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject line denoting “abstract submission for special issue on psychological measurement.”  The abstract should be embedded in the body of an email and contain (a) the title of the proposed paper; (b) list all contributing author(s) with affiliation information and emails; and (c) summarize the purpose, methods, analyses, findings and conclusions of the proposed study in no more than 250 words.

Invitation Decisions.  Decision on abstracts and invitations to submit full manuscripts will be sent to potential authors no later than 1 NOVEMBER 2020. Manuscript submissions will be peer reviewed and the invitation of a full paper (following abstract submission) does not guarantee publication.

Submission and Review Process for Invited Papers.  Authors invited to submit papers must submit full manuscripts by 1 MARCH 2021.  Manuscript shall be submitted via the Military Psychology electronic submission portal below. Manuscript shall adhere to Military Psychology submission guidelines available below. Manuscript submissions will be peer reviewed, and the invitation of a full paper (following abstract submission, acceptance and invitation) does not guarantee publication. Questions about submissions may sent to the Editor in Chief at [email protected].

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