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International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

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Math Education and Technology: Shaping the Future of Learning

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16 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Vanda Santos, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

Isabel Cabrita, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

Luís Descalço, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

Margarida M. Pinheiro, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

Nuno R. O. Bastos, Polytechnic of Viseu, Portugal
[email protected]

Paula Carvalho, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

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Math Education and Technology: Shaping the Future of Learning

Further Special Issue Editors:

Paula Oliveira, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]

Teresa B. Neto, University of Aveiro, Portugal
[email protected]


This special issue welcomes advances in mathematics education for preparing students to the challenges of their future. A special focus is given to contributions that shed light on the latest trends and innovations in math education and technology. We invite authors to reflect on the innovations that could reshape the landscape of mathematics education and prepare students for the challenges of the future.

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Submission Instructions

Thank you for choosing this special issue to submit your research work. The following instructions will ensure we have everything needed to get your article through peer review, production, and publication without a hitch. Please try to follow them as closely as possible so that all requirements are met.

We invite papers of 6,000-9,000 words, written in English, with the aim of publishing approximately fifteen papers among the best research represented in the ICMET2024 Proceedings. The plenary speakers are invited to submit a paper, as well as the authors of full papers and posters. While aiming at reflecting the thematic richness of the ICMET2024 program, we will not commit to a strict representation of the conference structure. We particularly welcome proposals that elaborate and expand substantially the studies presented at ICMET2024.


Paper submissions: September 16, 2024

Decision letters: November 16, 2024

Revisions: January 16, 2025

Final decision letters: February 17, 2025

Publication: April 2025


How to submit a paper:

(please, choose ICMET2024 SI in the drop-down menu)

Further information to the attention of authors may be found on the IJMEST website, in particular the template ( We very much look forward to your submissions!

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