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Journal of Strategic Marketing

For a Special Issue on
Marketing ‎and Entrepreneurship‎: Challenges and Opportunities

Manuscript deadline
31 December 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Bahaaeddin Alareeni, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, Turkey.
[email protected]

Allam Hamdan, Ahlia University, Manama, Bahrain
[email protected]

Reem Khamis, Brunel University - London, United Kingdom
[email protected]

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Marketing ‎and Entrepreneurship‎: Challenges and Opportunities

Marketing is one business function that must be used appropriately by the ‎entrepreneurs to ‎launch and develop new projects successfully (Hisrich, 1992). Therefore, both marketing ‎and entrepreneurship have been seen as essential ‎strategic directions or business philosophies ‎by which organizations respond to ‎investment opportunities everywhere (Shane & Venkataraman, 2000). ‎‎Researchers argue that the underlying philosophy and orientation of marketing discipline are ‎in concurrence to market and customer needs, which have direct applicability to ‎entrepreneurship (Hills and LaForge, 1992).‎ Researchers mentioned that marketing and entrepreneurship are similar in multiple ways, and expressed in practice are sometimes consistent with each other and often highly interconnected (Kwak, Jaju, Puzakova, & Rocereto, 2013; Morris & Paul, 1987). Both disciplines ‎are largely developed and share much in common.

This special issue explores the research studies that focus on topics addressing ‎entrepreneurship and ‎marketing, their interrelationship, and the latest developments in this ‎regard. ‎Of course, with particular attention on the role of technology, and  ‎digital solutions to overcome problems during conventional ‎ and unconventional ‎circumstances. In addition, it considers issues, challenges, and solutions related to the successful application and management aspects of electronic business.

This special issue invites scholars within all the main marketing, management, and ‎subdisciplines, among other areas, to submit conceptual and/or empirical papers, which ‎present cutting-edge.‎

The indicative topics include:

  • Diffusion of entrepreneurship in the modern corporation
  • Digital marketing solutions ‎
  • Business models in digital entrepreneurship
  • Strategic marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Conceptual development of entrepreneurial marketing
  • Entrepreneurial marketing and innovative marketing
  • Customer and competitor analysis
  • Entrepreneurial market opportunity analysis
  • Entrepreneurial marketing strategies
  • Entrepreneurial pricing and distribution
  • Entrepreneurial promotion
  • Entrepreneurial products and services development
  • Entrepreneurial branding
  • Entrepreneurial social marketing
  • Other related topics