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Eastern European Economics

For a Special Issue on
Market and Policy Reactions to Economic Instability and Discontinuity

Manuscript deadline
31 August 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Karel Brůna, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic
[email protected]

David Procházka, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic
[email protected]

Martin Hodula, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech National Bank, Czech Republic
[email protected]

Sagi Akron, University of Haifa, Israel
[email protected]

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Market and Policy Reactions to Economic Instability and Discontinuity

Small and expected real and financial shocks typically cause a dynamic adaptation of the economic system that does not require more than smooth reactions of economic agents and policymakers. Large unexpected shocks, although rare, make the economic system extremely unstable while the adaptations assume the nature of discontinuous processes. A specific portfolio of monetary, fiscal and macroprudential policy measures is being applied in this case aiming to prevent the economic systems from collapse and dysfunction. Seeking the new long-term equilibrium requires not only a certain time for the economic policies’ effects to show up, but it also stimulates the necessary adaptations on the microeconomic, macroeconomic, and institutional levels, including the new public- and self-regulation; all highly interesting to analyse.

This special issue aims to present valuable research on the application of stabilisation policies and economic agents’ behaviour during turbulent times. Both theoretical and empirical research on interactions between policymakers and economic agents in times of economic instability and discontinuity are welcome. The focus may be on a broad set of topics dealing with stabilisation policy measures, financial and real markets dynamics, and market participants behaviour that stimulates the development of new tools and methodological approaches in the field of economics and finance.

The special issue therefore covers areas such as:

  • Application of conventional and unconventional monetary policy instruments
  • Effectiveness of monetary policy
  • Application of macroprudential policy measures during the financial cycle
  • Fiscal policy stabilization and public debt sustainability
  • Regulatory policy reaction to materialization of credit and liquidity risk
  • Financial stability under economic downturns
  • Determinants of financial sustainability
  • Economics of regulation and supervision
  • Shocks and financial markets and institutions adaptation
  • Economic and financial crisis in open economy macroeconomics
  • Modelling the economic and financial dynamics under discontinuity
  • Impact of economic shocks on corporate financial performance
  • Validity of risk management models under discontinuity
  • Disruption of economic and financial integration

This special issue is in cooperation with ACFA 2022. You can view the conference call for papers here.

Submission Instructions

In order to propose a contribution to this special issue, please select the Market and Policy Reactions to Economic Instability and Discontinuity when submitting your full paper to ScholarOne. All the papers have to exhibit a focus on European countries, with particular emphasis on Eastern European ones. Submitted papers will enter the standard EEE peer-review process. Please note that the final decision will depend on the outcome of the review process and will be taken by the EEE Editor.

Important dates:

  • Full paper submission deadline: August 31, 2022
  • First decision on submission: October 31, 2022
  • Final versions due by: February 28, 2023

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