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Manuscript deadline
31 July 2021

Cover image - Journal of Maps

Journal of Maps

Special Issue Editor(s)

Lucy Clarke, University of Gloucestershire
[email protected]

Kenny Lynch, University of Gloucestershire

Robert Berry, University of Gloucestershire

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Mapping the UN SDGs and the European Commission’s Horizon Missions

Journal of Maps is actively seeking submissions which contribute to the global policy priorities represented by the European Commission’s Horizon Missions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for a Special Issue of the journal to be published in 2022. As discussed in a recent editorial in the journal, map-making has a vital part to play in analysing, visualizing and presenting progress towards meeting these ambitions.

We are particularly interested in contributions that use mapping innovatively to visualise global challenges or progress against the SDG and Horizon Missions targets. This is an opportunity to model creative mapping of the data available on these strategic global objectives. For example, themes could focus on aspects of:

  • environmental, social or economic sustainability;
  • conquering cancer;
  • climate change;
  • caring for soils; or
  • restoration of our rivers or oceans.

International and interdisciplinary collaborations are particularly welcome.

Research published in the Journal of Maps demonstrates a unique line of enquiry that requires the use of maps or spatial data visualisations, collects new data or adds significant value to existing data and presents and communicates findings that adhere to high cartographic standards. Journal of Maps welcomes creative contributions of 2,000–4,000 words that address both the SDGs/Horizon Missions as a whole, as well as supporting the response to these challenges at the local, national, and international scale. Maps that address all of the SDGs and Horizon Missions are welcomed, and Journal of Maps encourages a diverse approach to tackling these global challenges.

Journal of Maps is a fully open access journal published by Taylor & Francis. All papers undergo rigorous peer review and are freely available subject to the payment of an Article Publishing Charge (APC), without the need for a subscription. Taylor & Francis offers waivers and discounts on the Article Publishing Charges for publishing in many fully open access journals. Further information of our discount or waiver policy, and how to request one, is available on the Taylor & Francis Author Services website.

Submissions should clearly indicate in the abstract which SDG(s) and/or Horizon Mission the research relates to. Find out more about the full list of 17 UN SDGs, and why these have been selected as areas of global importance here.

For more information about Journal of Maps, and this Special Issue, contact Dr Lucy Clarke, [email protected], or the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mike Smith.

This special issue is part of a cross-disciplinary collection in support of the European Commission’s Horizon Missions, with contributions from across the Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences. These missions collectively represent important research and policy priorities facing our global society. The collection will be published to be timed with Earth Day 2022 (22 April 2022) as part of a collaborative effort to support real-world research that addresses the SDGs and global policy priorities.

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