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Machine Learning meets Simulation

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31 January 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Ralph Evins, University of Victoria
[email protected]

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Machine Learning meets Simulation

Contributions are invited for a Special Issue on the topic of Machine Learning meets Simulation. This builds on a previous Special Issue ‘Data-driven approaches to building simulation for enhanced building operation and grid interaction’. This time the scope is shifted from operation to design, including surrogate modelling and related topics that apply machine learning to aid in simulation at the design stage.


Topics of interest include:

  • Surrogate modelling (a machine learning model fitted to simulation outputs to approximate the performance of the detailed model)
  • Applications of surrogate models or other ML-related methods, including in the areas of building stock modelling, design exploration tools and modelling of existing buildings.
  • Physics-informed machine learning, where physical constraints are incorporated into machine learning algorithms directly
  • Calibration or optimization of simulation models using machine learning approaches (note that pure optimization using e.g. genetic algorithms with simulations directly are not in scope)
  • Any other ways of combining machine learning with more traditional physics-based simulations
  • Developments in machine learning to aid in integration with simulation tools, for example in time series modelling
  • The challenges of integrating machine learning with simulation, including assessing model accuracy, concerns of bias and gaining confidence from users

Submission Instructions

Abstracts should be submitted using this form.

If selected, authors will be contacted with instructions for full-paper submissions.

Once a manuscript has been accepted, it will be typeset and published online on the journal's latest articles page.  The special issue will only be created once all articles have been through the review process.

The guest editors will review the abstracts and invite selected authors to develop full papers. They will also perform a preliminary review of manuscripts before they are submitted to the JBPS, this to ensure good alignment with the Special Issue theme and to provide a degree of quality control. Guest editors can provide authors with collegial advice and guidance at this stage. However, it is important for authors to be aware that positive appraisal by the guest editors at this stage does not guarantee subsequent acceptance by the journal as manuscripts are submitted to the journal and undergo the JBPS' standard double-blind review process (handled by journal editors).

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