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Journal of Field Archaeology

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The JFA’s 50th Anniversary: Looking to the next Half Century

Abstract deadline
05 April 2024

Manuscript deadline
26 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Christina Luke, Koç University, Istanbul
[email protected]

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The JFA’s 50th Anniversary: Looking to the next Half Century

Established in 1974, the Journal of Field Archaeology was put forward as a platform to move beyond publications that focused on specific regions and periods. The JFA sought to foster the interpretation of archaeological datasets for an engaged, international and interdisciplinary readership. Notionally the last 50 years of data-gathering have witnessed a move from overtly colonial practices to post-colonial inclusivity. In realizing this goal, researchers, their institutions, and governments have pledged fluidity and flexibility, pledging to uphold integrity and equity. As options for publishing have expanded, the JFA has remained steadfast to its commitment to data-driven approaches, taking care to embrace innovation and emerging perspectives that demonstrate the contribution of archaeology to our collective interest in our shared and individual past human experiences. To celebrate how we embark on JFA’s next half century, we ask our authors, what inspires researchers to do their best work? From the smallest details to global thinking, from new technologies to deep histories, we seek submissions with bold ideas and novel approaches that consider the future of doing archaeology.

Submission Instructions

For the 50th Special Issue, we will follow along these dates:

Concepts, Title plus ca. 600 words, 5 April 2024

Provide the working concept and scope of what you propose, responding to the call. Note that we are seeking innovative approaches to the future of archaeology, so we encourage authors to work with data conceptually and theoretically.

Invitations for full papers,  3 May 2024

Due date for full papers, Title, Abstract and full paper, ca. 8, 500 words, 26 September 2024

Peer Review, October-November 2024

Acceptance notification, December 2024

Final papers, 1 March 2025

Publication, May 2025

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