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Review of Communication

For a Special Issue on

Key Theories in Communication

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01 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Stephen Croucher, Massey University
[email protected]

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Key Theories in Communication

Littlejohn (1982) traced the development of communication theory from diverse disciplines such as: anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, etc. As a discipline, communication includes a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches under one title of "communication." The purpose of this themed issue is to review key theories within the field of communication studies. In particular, the editor and reviewers of this themed issue are looking for:
- Reviews of literature of communication theories
- Critiques of communication theories
- Meta-analyses of communication theories
- Analyses bringing "non" communication theories into the communication discipline
- Interdisciplinary application of communication theory
- Discussion of what "is" theory

Submission Instructions

Submission Deadline and Guidelines

All manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word using a 12-point common font, double-spaced, no more than 8,000 words, exclusive of tables and figures. Manuscripts must be submitted in Chicago-style. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the Review of Communication submission site

Authors should identify which themed call their paper is responding to by selecting the relevant drop-down option in ScholarOne.

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