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Manuscript deadline
01 June 2021

Cover image - Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Laura Curran, Rutgers University School of Social Work
[email protected]

Professor DuWayne Battle, Rutgers University School of Social Work
[email protected]

Professor Samuel Jones, Rutgers University School of Social Work
[email protected]

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Challenging Anti-Black Racism Across the Social Work Curriculum

The Journal of Teaching in Social Work plans to publish a special issue on "Challenging Anti-Black Racism Across the Social Work Curriculum" in 2021.  In this regard, we invite manuscripts that address all aspects related to strengthening the social work curriculum on this critical subject in BSW, MSW, DSW and PhD degree programs, as well as in continuing education offerings toward social work specialization certification and licensure renewal.

The principal focus of the special issue will be on how to strengthen and enhance the curricula of accredited social work programs with respect to preparing graduates to better understand systemic anti-Black racism, and be able to more effectively address and confront the phenomenon in their professional practice.  Preferred manuscripts will provide a systemic and rigorous formative or summative assessment of current initiatives or offer a detailed and conceptually focused description and rationale for prospective plans.  (Manuscripts that are primarily accounts, and do not include a disciplined and independent evaluation of both the strengths and limitations of an enterprise, are less likely to be published.)  As is our custom, all manuscripts will undergo a traditional double-blind review.  The final decision on acceptance, as always, will be the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Special Issue Editors, Professors DuWayne Battle, Laura Curran, and Samuel Jones of Rutgers University.

Topics to address might well include the following:

  • What should challenging anti-Black racism look like across an entire social work curriculum?  Do we have any extant models to consider?
  • What should be the central considerations when implementing systemic change initiatives related to challenging anti-Black racism in the mandated elements of the classroom curriculum -- Policy, Practice, Research, and HBSE?
  • To what degree are substantive changes needed in the CSWE accreditation standards [EPAS] to create both the support and incentive for programs to implement curriculum changes related to challenging anti-Black racism?
  • Are there modifications to the implicit curriculum that will require attention in order for the explicit curriculum to fulfill its obligations?  How might students' experiences of the implicit curriculum inform the need to address anti-Black racism (including microaggressions and implicit bias)?
  • Do elements of fieldwork education need to be re-conceptualized and revised in order to achieve an anti-Black racism outcome goal?
  • What theories, pedagogical traditions and innovations best challenge anti-Black racism in social work education?
  • What initiatives can social work deans and directors, as well as leaders within CSWE, BPD, GADE and AASWSW, currently take to promote this focus and infusion within their schools, programs and institutions?
  • What is the role of doctoral education and the doctoral curriculum in challenging anti-Black racism?
  • What training will social work managers and administrators need (via continuing education) to eliminate anti-Black racism in the public and nonprofit organizations they lead?

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Submission Instructions

Questions regarding the specific requirements for manuscript submission for this special issue can be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief at [email protected] or to the Special Issue Senior Editor at [email protected].

When submitting your paper to ScholarOne please note: For "Challenging Anti-Black Racism" Special Issue

Expected publication date:  December, 2021.  Manuscript submission deadline:  June 1, 2021.

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