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Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials

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Emerging Materials for 3D Printing in Construction

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07 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Roman Fediuk, Far Eastern Federal University
[email protected]

Dr. Mugahed Amran, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University
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Dr. Zbysek Pavlik, Czech Technical University in Prague
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Emerging Materials for 3D Printing in Construction

The advancement of 3D printing, also referred to as creating 3D objects through computer-aided design (CAD) or digital models, has greatly expedited some processes in various fields. Although with noteworthy progress, there's an urgent need to formulate advanced 3D printing materials that enhances performance while conserving materials. The limited choice of printable concrete materials represents one of the major obstacles in current 3D printing technology. Researchers have extensively studied various binders, including alkali-activated materials and low-carbon alternatives to address this issue and create sustainable substitutes to traditional binders like Portland cement. Therefore, a comprehensive review of all types of binder suitable for 3D printing of construction is essential.

Unlike the conventional method of pouring concrete into molds, 3D-printed concrete (3DPC) application in construction offers advantages such as more design flexibility and savings in cost and time. This special issue comprehensively covers all aspects of 3DPC quality assessment, including advantages, disadvantages, methodologies, preparation and placement, eco-friendly 3DPC and computer-aid design of 3DPC materials and structure. The anticipated collection in this special issue is poised to provide an invaluable reference for researchers, aiding the broader adoption of 3DPC in practical applications. This will contribute to bridging the gap in providing smart and affordable housing solutions for future generations.

Potential topics of this Special Issue include, but not limited to:

  • Advantages and challenges of 3D printing
  • Design of 3DPC
  • Procedures of 3D printing
  • Preparation and placement of 3DPC
  • Eco-friendly 3D printing materials
  • Computer-aided design for 3D printing materials and structure

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