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Journal of Social Work Practice

For a Special Issue on
Understanding and developing reflective practice

Manuscript deadline
27 April 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

gillian ruch, Univ of Sussex
[email protected]

Amanda Lees, Independent

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Understanding and developing reflective practice

Reflective practice is a well-established, but not uncomplicated or uncontested, feature of 21st Century professional activity. Familiar to practitioners in social work, social care, education and health related professions, reflective practice is widely recognised as ‘a good thing’. What it exactly looks and feels like for those delivering it, receiving it or practising it, however, is less well understood. In a socio-political landscape that is dominated by New Public Management and  technical-rational responses to the complex, multi-faceted, intuitive-emotional circumstances of people’s lives, the need for reflective skills and practices has never been greater.

This Special Issue of the Journal of Social Work Practice will provide a vital space for the debates and dilemmas surrounding reflective practice to be aired and explored, at both the intellectual and emotional levels. Of particular concern is our commitment to ensuring we publish in ways that reflect the diversity of our world, our discipline and our profession. In her book Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone, Minna Salami respectfully invites us all to engage inclusively and joyfully in reconfiguring our epistemological mindsets. For Salami this involves a commitment to breaking down entrenched patterns of Europatriarchal thinking, and especially the binary perspective which privileges rational and intellectual understanding over understanding coming from our  emotions and our heart.  This is our intention and commitment too.


Stage 1:

Deadline: Dec 18th 2020

Outcome: January 30th 2020

Stage 2:

First draft deadline: June 30th 2021

Reviewer responses: September 30th 2021

Stage 3:

Final full submission: April 30th 2022

Stage 4:

Proof checks: sometime between May-July

Stage 5:

Publication: September 2022

Please send in an abstract  (up to 300 words) as a Word document by Dec 18th 2020 to:

Gillian Ruch: [email protected]

Submission Instructions

Please see the journal for submission requirements.

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