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Journal of Lesbian Studies

For a Special Issue on
International Perspectives on Lesbian Psychology

Abstract deadline
20 January 2022

Manuscript deadline
10 March 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Ella Ben Hagai, California State University, Fullerton
[email protected]

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International Perspectives on Lesbian Psychology

This special issue aims to present cutting-edge psychological research that enhances understanding of lesbians’ lives in context. A wide-ranging set of contributions from multiple theoretical approaches (e.g., minority stress, sexual configuration theory, and intersectional lens) are welcomed as well as theoretical reviews and commentaries on the state of the field of lesbian psychology. The issue will strive for a balance of empirical work (both quantitative and qualitative) and theoretical work. The aim for this issue is to serve as an eclectic community space for a global conversation on lesbian psychology today.

Possible topics for submissions include but are not limited to:

How does a focus on non-white and non-US samples broaden understanding of psychological theories of lesbian desire, behavior, and identity formation?

How does increased acceptance of lesbian sexuality shape psychological research today?

How has psychological research on lesbian stereotypes and discrimination against lesbians morphed and change across different geographical areas and historical periods?

How does stigma against lesbians shift as it intersects with different axes of identity such as class, race, and gender?

What is the impact of minority stress and intersectional forms of oppression on the lives of lesbians in different parts of the world?

What does a psychological approach that takes into account the specificities of lesbian desire add to the understanding of women’s sexuality? What are the unique processes of lesbian sexual attraction, behavior, and identity? How does lesbian sexuality differ from gay and queer sexualities? I hope to include research on sexual fluidity, asexuality, and bisexuality/polysexuality among lesbians.

What are the differences and similarities between butch, femme, trans, cis, and nonbinary lesbians in terms of sexual identity development, relationships, stigma, and well-being?

How does the emergence of lesbian communities on the internet shape psychological research on lesbian identity today? How have therapies and clinical practices shifted to meet the needs of lesbians? What are the innovations and best practices in therapy and mental health support for lesbians seeking care?

I am also interested in commentaries (around 1,000 words) and essays engaging with the work of the first wave of trailblazing psychologists on lesbian identity including Celia Kitzinger, Sue Wilkinson, Esther Rothblum, Carla Golden, Lisa Brown, and Anne Peplau, to name a few.

Please let your friends, colleagues, and members of your community know about this project!

Submission Instructions

Please send your 250–500-word proposal to Ella Ben Hagai ([email protected]) by January 20, 2022.Contributors will be notified of the status of their proposal by January 25, 2022, and full manuscripts will be due by March 10, 2022.

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