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Journal of Jewish Education

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Jewish Early Childhood Education

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31 October 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Sivan Zakai, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
[email protected]

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Jewish Early Childhood Education

This special issue is intended to highlight three distinct areas of Jewish early childhood education:

  • Early childhood learners (including but not limited to research focused on how early childhood learners develop theories about Judaism, Jewish communities, and/or Jewish education)
  • Early childhood educators (including but not limited to research focused on the professional and pedagogical practices and professional learning of educators in Jewish early childhood institutions)
  • Early childhood institutions (including but not limited to research about financial sustainability, organizational structure, and/or educational ideologies of Jewish early childhood institutions)

Other topics relevant to the theory and practice of early childhood Jewish education (e.g. parent and family education within the context of Jewish early childhood institutions, historical analyses of the Jewish early childhood landscape, or the role of Hebrew language learning in Jewish early childhood education) would also be appropriate to submit to this special issue. All research must be empirically grounded but can use any qualitative, quantitative, or historiographical research methods that are appropriate for the research question(s).