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Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence

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30 April 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Sergio Dominique-Ferreira, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal
[email protected]

Brian ‘t Hart, Trinity Western University, Canada
[email protected]

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Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence

In recent years, many types of intelligence have become buzz words in marketing and business management. Social Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Social Business Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and more recently Emotional Artificial Intelligence (e.g.: Prentice, Dominique-Ferreira & Wang, 2019; Prentice, Dominique-Ferreira & Wang, 2020; Ferrel & Ferrel, 2021; Kim, 2020; Chen, Prentice, Weaven & Hsiao, 2022).

All these concepts play a key role both for organizations and customers. For instance, the formers are related to a better adaptation of the supply to the demand, enhancement of the promotion channels such as social media data analytics (e.g.: big data), optimization of the distribution models and channels, especially the omnichannel model used by companies such as Amazon (Arasu et al., 2020; Columbus, 2019). It is also related to employee service quality (e.g.: employees’ high emotional intelligence levels) (Prentice et al., 2019; Prentice et al., 2020). The later are related to improved levels of customers’ experience (especially in services), higher levels of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics (BA) have become popular in business management, improving the quality of business information and the decision-making process (Rikhardssona & Yigitbasioglu, 2018). As a result, investment in Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) technologies has continued to steadily increase in recent years (Ahmad et al., 2022; Bozic & Dimovski, 2019; Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012).

Regarding organizations, EI is linked to job satisfaction, performance, and organizational commitment (e.g.: Prentice & King, 2011, 2012). AI is linked to job performance (Prentice et al., 2020). Regarding customers, EI is also linked to customer satisfaction (Darvishmotevali, Altinay & De Vita, 2018; Kernbach & Schutte, 2005; Yao, Wang, Yu, & Guchait, 2019), and AI is linked with service quality, customer engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty behaviours (Prentice et al., 2019; Prentice et al., 2020c)

The potential topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Emotional Intelligence

Submission Instructions

  • The Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Conference has an international marketing track dedicated to author/s seeking to submit to the Special Issue of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science.
  • The conference submission deadline is June 30, 2023. After the conference, full papers will need to be submitted to the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science online platform no later than April 30, 2024.
  • Submission for the Special Issue begins December 1, 2023, with the final deadline for submission being April 30, 2024.
  • Questions pertaining to the Special Issue should be sent to any of the Guest Editors: Sérgio Dominique Ferreira Lopes ([email protected]) or Brian ‘t Hart ([email protected])
  • Papers must be formatted in accordance with the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science guidelines.
  • All papers will be double-blind refereed.

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