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Market Entry Issues for Online Enterprises

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31 December 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Yongge Niu, Business School, Sichuan University
[email protected]

Fuming Deng, Business School, Sichuan University

Liming Yao, Business School, Sichuan University

Andy Wei Hao, Barney School of Business, University of Hartford
[email protected]

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Market Entry Issues for Online Enterprises

As one of the fastest-growing marketplaces, China’s electronic market has recently attracted many startups from across China and abroad. These firms, which utilize Internet platforms for revenue generation, are often referred to as online enterprises (OEs). OEs are facing strategic decision concerns that when to enter the market, which entry mode should adopt, what factors affect their entry decision, and how OEs’ market entry strategy responds to market dynamics. Moreover, environmental dynamics and organizational factors inevitably influence EBVs’ market entry decision-making. In the post-epidemic period, OEs should account for both internal and external factors that are directly related to their market performances. In China’s electronic market, how to enter the ongoing development market and achieve sustainable development has become a central concern for OEs.

This special issue is, therefore, aimed at promoting research broadly related to market entry both in China and around the world. The theme of this special issue (SI) is “Market Entry Issues for Online Enterprises”. All types (empirical and theory) of papers on this theme are welcomed. In this regard, the special issue encourages submissions of topics that broadly cover the theme of market entry issues for online enterprises from the perspective of sustainable development.

Submission Instructions

All papers should be submitted to the journal of Business-to-Business Marketing at the following link Authors need to choose the special issue submission option "Market Entry Issues for e-Business Ventures ". All submissions will follow the journal's peer review process. Questions can be directed to the Guest Editors.


The special issue especially welcomes (including but not limited to) topics in the following fields:

  • Market entry and market performance
  • Timing of market entry, entry strategy, and market performance
  • Order of market entry, entry strategy, and market performance
  • Entry mode, entry strategy, and market performance
  • Market resources, market ability, and market performance
  • Organizational antecedents of market entry
  • Innovation, market entry, and market performance
  • International marketing strategy and market entry
  • How market entry responds to de-globalization
  • Market entry and market environment in emerging markets

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