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Journal of Strategic Marketing

For a Special Issue on
Irresponsible Marketing and the Manipulation of Public Opinion

Manuscript deadline
31 December 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Steven Greenland, Asia Pacific College of Business and Law, Charles Darwin University, Australia
[email protected]

Carolyn Strong, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Wales
[email protected]

Ninh Nguyen, Asia Pacific College of Business and Law, Charles Darwin University, Australia
[email protected]

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Irresponsible Marketing and the Manipulation of Public Opinion

The world is facing pressing sustainability challenges and marketers have an important role to play in addressing these. Marketers can support more sustainable outcomes by promoting positive societal and environmental attitudes and behaviour in both consumer and corporate contexts.  The UN Sustainability Development Goals can assist in this regard and provide a framework for appreciating the key social and environmental challenges (United Nations Environment Programme, 2015).

The rise of digital technology, improved analytical capabilities, enhanced understanding of consumer psychology, and increasingly sophisticated media mean that marketers have unprecedented ability to influence public opinion and promote sustainability. However, this enhanced ability is frequently being used irresponsibly by marketers in the pursuit of profit and political goals, with disregard to society and the environment. Since 2015 the global situation has worsened, as illustrated by persistent trends in:

  • Unsustainable consumption and poor consumer lifestyle choices
  • Escalating pollution and the non-communicable disease epidemic
  • Corporate irresponsibility and unethical business practices
  • The unethical use of consumer data
  • Media manipulation of public opinion and rising social disharmony
  • Inability to prosecute unethical corporate behaviour, enabling multinationals to operate irresponsibly with impunity.

There has been much debate about irresponsible marketing and the barriers this poses for a sustainable future. However, public opinion manipulation has not received enough attention. This special issue therefore invites papers on irresponsible marketing themes relating to consumer and corporate marketing where the manipulation of public opinion is a key factor. Related topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing of products and industries that harm consumers, society and the environment
  • Promoting unsustainable consumption
  • Understanding impediments to sustainable and responsible consumption
  • Misinformation on sustainability issues (environmental, societal and economic) including harmful product consumption, pollution and climate change, regulation and governance
  • CSR and the ethics of public manipulation, including disingenuous communication, public relations and nonfinancial reporting.

These debates can be framed in a wide variety of contexts, including:

Corporate & business practice

  • Manipulation and falsification of company information, including PR and CSR reporting
  • Products, services and processes that damage the environment / society

Law & regulation

  • Ethical marketing standards and guidelines
  • Marketing regulation and consumer protection
  • Corporate undermining of marketing regulation

Politics & government

  • Election marketing malpractice and impropriety
  • Political donations and marketing to sway political and voter opinion

Education & communication

  • Effective promotion of pro-environmental and socially responsible consumption
  • Marketing false and misleading information

Socio-economic issues

  • Marketing that incites social disharmony
  • Unethical capture and use of personal data

Submission Instructions

Contributors are invited to format their manuscripts based on the Journal’s guidelines, which are provided in the Instructions for Authors webpage. They are required to select the Special Issue "Irresponsible Marketing and the Manipulation of Public Opinion" when submitting their paper to ScholarOne.

All manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer-review process, which starts immediately after the submission of a manuscript. In this respect, contributors are encouraged to submit at their earlier convenience.

Contributors are encouraged to send an abstract and discuss with the guest editors prior to submission. Inquiries should be directed to [email protected] (Prof Steven Greenland) and [email protected] (Dr Ninh Nguyen).

Important dates

Submission open: July 1, 2021

Submission deadline: December 31, 2021

Expected publication: 2022

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